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Natal Saturn in the 7th House

Many would expect that having natal Saturn in the 7th house is the worst position for marriage. Well, it is not! The truth is that the presence of the ringed planet can create complications in this matter, but if the native handles it well it can lead to a marital life of the utmost stability. The real question is whether the chart owner really wants this type of stability, or would prefer Saturn to block the gates of marriage. Of course, a lot is depending on aspects of other planets that apply on the native’s natal Saturn.

First of all, we should mention that for such a natal placement of Saturn, the sign in which he resides is a key factor. If Saturn is located in Capricorn, Aquarius or Libra it will operate really well; on the contrary if he is in Cancer, Leo or Aries his traits will be rather debilitated.

Saturn will most probably bring a marriage partner of an older age. The age difference is not something to be taken light-heartedly. As each of the two persons belong to a radically different generations, they have totally different needs and approaches. Both should consider very well their options, before entering into a stable bond, as love alone is not enough for the two people to function as a couple.

A native with Saturn in the 7th house should by no means get married before his Saturn Return, which happens approximately at his 29th-30th year of age and lasts at least a year. Entering a marriage partnership before this transit is the most foolish thing to do, as the native is still too naïve to understand the burden of such a bonding. This rule should be also practiced as an act of love towards the elder partner; most marriages of people with this placement that happen before their Saturn return are instantly (or quickly) destroyed. The reason is simple; if someone gets married earlier than the transit, then in a couple of years Saturn will enter the 7th house and conjunct himself, making the partnership rather unbearable unless natal Saturn is extremely well-aspected. Even when it is, though, a lot of difficulties will appear and the native will have to become rapidly more serious in his approach towards his marital life, and life in general.

A person with Saturn in the 7th house should be totally conscious that he is ready to see his significant other age in front of him, before he ages. He must be ready to accept the fact that he will probably have to nurture the spouse when time comes, sacrificing a lot; while also be ready to accept their death that usually comes a lot earlier than their own. In addition, such a person should understand that Saturn in the 7th indicates that their spouse searches for stability and will not want the marriage to end. If the native starts realizing in the future that he made a mistake and wants to exit the bond, the partner will definitely impose all types of pressure that this does not happen.

In case that Saturn does not bring an older partner, other Saturnian treats can develop. The spouse can be of a strong Capricorn emphasis in his chart or have Saturn in his first house; making him a rather difficult character, very serious and cold. In case you have such a natal placement, you should even consider not marrying by choice. Harsh aspects to Saturn by Pluto, Mars or Uranus are a definite no-no. These could indicate a marriage partner of an abusive nature, which in the worst situations can reach cruelty.

On the other hand, if Saturn is well-aspected, the native will get married only once and will have a very stable and good relationship with his partner. There might be less affection and passion, but they will be able to work out all their issues and progress together. Both will grant to each other the necessary stability; to such a point that their marriage will mostly look like a win-win business relationship.

Speaking of business relationships, Saturn in the 7th house can be actually a really good placement. This can give unions that will last long and prosper by time; of course if aspects from other planets do not indicate the opposite. Both business partners will see this union very professionally and dedicate a lot of hard work which will bring slow but stable development.

In any case, this placement will bring a lot of discipline in all the 7th house matters. It might not lead to love or happiness, but will definitely lead to security- and with this placement this is probably what you are looking for. Of course, commitment is not something to play with; you will need to dedicate yourself and work hard for your unions to function, but Saturn is a planet that rewards hard work. Before you do anything, put your needs on a scale and understand what you really want. After all, we re talking about the 7th house, and it is ruled by Libra, so weigh on her scales your priorities.

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  • Bhrigukumar.

    Very informative write up indeed.

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  • plumage

    I have Saturn in the 7th house. I was considering marriage around the time of my Saturn return, but the relationship was disastrous.
    I am now 52 and have never married and have never wanted to since then. But I’m in a relationship with a man very much younger (for 6 years now). He tends to be very serious and intense, very loving but not passionate. He also has a lot of problems with employment (he tries hard). Most of the stresses in my life are his problems.

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  • Shraddha

    I had love life relationship with a person from year 2013 till Aug 2016 but there was always complications due to family opposition but still we are in love and want to get married but from Dec 2015 suddenly problem start arises and situation got day by day worst and finally the boy leave me. I am now completed 30 years n in my kundali there is Saturn in seventh house ..whether my love will return again in my life ?can we get married..My Birth date is 30/10/1986 time8.02 pm

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  • Anitha

    My son s DOB is 19.02.2000 he is having difficulty in studies his star is makam and time of birth is 5:29 in the evening pls help

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