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Natal Pluto in the 9th House

Having natal Pluto in the 9th house is a very powerful position, which can lead the native to profound discoveries of the secrets around how reality is functioning. Pluto here is capable to grant power over people, and the individual should be very careful to not misuse it.

When Pluto is located in the house ruled by Sagittarius and Jupiter, his penetrative abilities to observe details are strongly expanded. This placement may make the individual follow the road of the scientist, as the 9th house is responsible for higher education. His studies can be connected with molecular biology, nuclear physics or anything else that has to do with research in depth and in detail.

The native has also great abilities of becoming a psychologist, mostly specialized in massive currents and phenomena than psychology of the individual. Pluto here can uncover the secrets of the mechanisms behind the collective unconscious; thus such a person should better invest his time in researching and writing theories of psychology than dedicate his life into healing people as a doctor. His role may be highly educative towards others; he can create a school of thought, become an academic and influence a lot of students.

On the other hand, when Pluto is adversely aspected this placement can be very bad; yet not for the native himself but for other people. Pluto here can create the religious extremist, the narrow-minded fanatic who upon discovering his personal religious truths will try to impose them to others. A conjunction to Mars may lead him to even use all types of cruelty for promoting his ideas. If you have such a placement, always be careful about how you treat the ideas of other people.

The fact that you reached knowledge through research does not make your beliefs untouchable and de facto correct. Moreover, as spirituality is a very philosophical subject without concrete borders, sticking to a doctrine and becoming a fanatic of it does not lead you to a spiritual evolution. Battle your own pride, and understand that every other person has all the right to evolve the way he prefers, and not the way that you suggest. After all, religion and higher meanings is a rather personal thing. Be tolerant.

As the 9th house is ruling distant travels, the presence of Pluto will bring life-changing experiences through one’s journeys. This planet quite often signifies permanent relocation to a foreign country and generally makes the native transform totally after discovering a new country, religion or culture that he prefers. Distant journeys are for him an unquenchable thirst developed through his young ages, and might be an unattainable desire for long years due to poverty issues. Due to this fact, when the native finally turns his dream a reality and travels, he might be so fascinated by this change that will not want to return to his previous way of life. Living abroad usually becomes a life goal and an obsession.

Natal Pluto in the 9th house can be prominent in charts of people who are interested in politics. There may exist a subconscious desire to control the masses through ideas, so the native may indulge in becoming a politician or a religious leader. With adverse aspects to natal Pluto, the thirst for control may be stronger than the desire to offer to humanity, and can create vicious attitudes towards others who are lower in hierarchy.

Many times, disagreeing with such a native’s opinion and perception can be considered a mutiny, and he will fight to prove himself right. In addition, this placement can bring tendencies of revenge towards any person who proves himself more intelligent than the native, or elsehow questions the correctness of the native’s doctrines.

Pluto in the 9th house is also a very strong natal position for anything connected with the law. If the native chooses to study law, he is capable of learning and remembering every detail of the law system, making him an encyclopedia of rules and legislations. This placement can frequently create judges, because Pluto makes the native prefer to be on the top of control. Of course, Pluto located in the 9th brings along him strictness and seriousness in the house’s matters. Such a judge may follow the rules without any lenience or flexibility. Again, sticking to a doctrine is for him a way to express control; ninth house Pluto are actually receiving pleasure when other people are afraid of them. This placement also can prompt the native to create reforms in laws. He can become a wise scholar, responsible of restructuring the existent rules through thorough research, and make such a social transformation a life target.

In case you have your Pluto in your ninth house, you will probably adore the way he functions. It will grant you immense power over others, boosting your ego and self-confidence. You might reach life-changing personal discoveries, and generally reach high spiritual transformations. This placement is wonderful for you. Nevertheless, always care about not making it horrid for other people. Using such a blessing to create hell for others, will in the end make you lose everything you were granted. Do not forget that you are not above the laws of reality; your presence is also being tested and you will reap what you sow. Be good. Or at least, don’t be bad.

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