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Natal Pluto in the 8th House

Natal Pluto in the 8th house is definitely one of the most intense aspects a person can have in his natal chart. Pluto is domicile in this house ruled by Scorpio, residing on the throne of Sex, Death and Transformation. Is that a good thing, though? Well this largely depends on other details; yet for sure it will not pass unnoticed.

This natal placement gives a very high sex drive, making intimacy an obsession. Sex is for such people a death and rebirth experience, which will frequently include the simulation of the physical pain that surrounds the entrance and exit from the human life. With hard aspects falling from Saturn and Mars, the native will indulge in very violent sex, making sadism and masochism one of his many vices. These tendencies can be connected to some trauma, frequently of a sexual nature, that happened in the childhood. If something like that has not occurred, then there is a possibility that the individual suffered a very painful birth, which included a big risk of dying. In any case, the native has a very dark sexuality, indulging in breaking most taboos. A natural phenomenon is that his sexual energy attracts people with similar vices, which can even lead to sexual or physical abuse without consent.

Generally, this natal placement will make the person have various sexual fetishes, most of them hidden from the world’s eyes. In his relationships there will be a lot of power struggles, leading to symbolic games of domination in bed. With adverse aspects to Pluto a lot of jealousy and suspicion will arise; his significant other will frequently struggle from the native’s paranoid behaviors but such people tend to solve their relationship problems with even more sex.

As the 8th house indicates the financial status of the native’s marriage partner, Pluto will usually give a spouse who is obsessed by money. With good aspects to the planet the spouse might be very rich, while with bad ones he might experience a bankruptcy. In any case, the native has his partner as a source of income, frequently vampirizing on his money. There can exist a tendency of exchanging sexual energy with financial, without this needing to be in the frames of prostitution. The things are rather simple; the native gets turned on by powerful and rich people, while powerful and rich people get turned on by the native. And each offers the other one the object of desire.

When such a deep and transformative relationship ends, Pluto will usually resist. He can turn passion into an urge for revenge, while if such a marriage ends up in a court the native will fight till the end. This procedure will be the swansong of the relationship, a final battle of who will prevail. Bad aspects to Pluto will bring a lot of fighting around money, which will also happen in case that the native inherits a legacy after someone’s death. Of course, if Pluto is well-aspected then things can be a lot calmer; in fact this will signify less resistance from the opponents and a rather easy victory of the native.

Pluto in his own house grants occult gifts, mostly of dark characteristics. Individuals who have their natal Pluto in the eighth house may develop clairvoyance and will be able to read minds of other people. A lot of their powers are enforced through the manipulation of sexual energy, and Pluto is acting as a bottomless black hole concerning the energy he can devour. Such people are capable of vampirizing on nearly every other person, as they are also usually very attractive sexually. They ooze of sexuality, even in cases that their physical beauty is not excelling. With an ill-aspected Pluto, the native might develop a lot of fears and nightmares; on the other hand such people adore darkness in arts, black color and seeming morbid in other people’s eyes. You could say that their fears and nightly dreams are a direct product of the parts that they fear in themselves.

When Pluto is in the 8th house, the native is able to thoroughly see the details and uncover a lot of secrets. Such a placement is prominent for detectives, while also all types of researchers. It is very positive for anything connected with the microcosm, and if Pluto is somehow connected to the native’s occupation houses (6th or 10th) there are great abilities in jobs connected with nuclear physics and microbiology. In addition, as the 8th house rules banks and other similar institutions, the native might have a career dealing with loans and debts. In some extreme situations, Pluto here indicates engagement in money laundry, being an illegal loan provider or elsehow involved in criminal activities. These might even involve physical violence, blackmail or intimidation towards other people.

When Pluto in the 8th has bad aspects, the native should be very careful with his own dealings with banks and moneylenders, as there can be a very high possibility of total bankruptcy. An ill-aspected Pluto can literally devour everything and create a total financial collapse. Of course, this will not be unjust; the native for sure will have passed his time eating other people’s money without caring of the consequences.

If you have your natal Pluto in the 8th house, be very careful with your attitude towards sex, money and the occult. Be sure that if you indulge in dark actions one day you will sow what you have reaped, and Pluto knows no borders. Restrict him, or else he will not have borders while taking back from you everything he gave.

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  • leon

    the 8th house represents the mythic phoenix, the ouroboros….Man as a nuclear power plant. it is the house of nuclear fusion=fission, leading to the ascent of kundalini. The place of the magistery of fire.

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  • Virgo

    I have Pluto in Sagittarius in the 8th house, Mars in Leo, Lilith in Scorpio and Venus in Virgo

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