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Hello. I have Pluto in scorpio in the 1st house. …

Comment on Natal Pluto in the 1st House by Yonela Nkosi.

Hello. I have Pluto in scorpio in the 1st house. Phew. I have great powers of concentration – when I want something, I focus on it with intensity to such an extent that everything else becomes invisible. Right now, all I want is a lucrative career.

I quit social media because it feels like an invasion of my privacy.

Transformation – story of my life.

I agree that I can be very harsh towards loved ones and pretty much hard to understand.

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Natal Jupiter in the 1st House
Hello. Jupiter in Scorpio in the 1st here. I do have noble qualities. With Pluto also residing in my 1st house – I’m hardly jovial.

Yes, narrow escapes from being hit by a car several times. I’ve always wondered why. Now, I am extra careful wherever I go.

I love indulging in good food and I also love travelling. My Jupiter rising is also conjunct my Venus. I hardly get sick due to the emphasis of Scorpio. I love my 1st house stellium though trying to figure it all out.

Natal Mercury in the 12th House
Most of it correct. Yes, my mercury in libra in the 12th squares my uranus in capricorn in the 3rd. I rarely let unwanted, delicate info/secrets slip because of my heavy Scorpio stellium. I don’t gossip either. I think other aspects in the natal have to be taken into account. I am also good at detecting one’s tone of voice and am able to comprehend it’s meaning. My hidden (12th) talents are poetry, writing, languages and singing and the arts (mercury) in libra (beauty, art).
I hardly say anything to anyone UNLESS I am surrounded by like-minded individuals (Uranus in my 3rd). I also love research work 🙂 I don’t drink and don’t do drugs (Saturn in 5th trine sun)

Natal Moon in the 8th House
Hello. I like. I have an 8th house moon in gemini.

My Gemini Moon craves variety. In relationships and friendships. If I don’t get any kind of mental stimulation – I forego relations. My gemini moon always gets attracted by new people and experiences. In other words, I get bored VERY easily. Yes, my feelings towards people do change – very fast.
They can be intense today, then icy tomorrow. There’s no middle ground, unfortunately. I can be very suspicious too, with my Scorpio sun/ascendant/venus/jupiter/pluto adding to alla that.
Thank goodness my moon is in an air sign.

Natal Saturn in the 5th House
Wow. This described me to a tee. Great article by far.

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