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Wow man, great article, this is definitely me in many …

Comment on Natal Pluto in the 1st House by J.Maci.

Wow man, great article, this is definitely me in many aspects. When you mentioned about peering into other people’s eyes to uncover the truth is my self defense mechanism, and usually the person gets nervous or even disturbed by it. Somehow they know I know what they are up too and have no choice but to open up to me, even when they have nothing to hide. I usually do it with a smile and a friendly (Although honest) disposition, revealing that I myself have nothing to hide, and this gives them the liberty to honestly be themselves. I have been through some traumatic experiences in my childhood, which in turn have made me suspicious of everything and everyone. I have learned to be less suspicious of people and things but my senses are still always alert at all times, it must be as a result of another aspect of my chart. The only thing I don’t do is walk through graveyards, or other such macabre locations, although I am not disturbed or afraid of such places. I even dare to say I’ve experienced darker places in my physique that have readied me to not be frightened in such locations. Again great article man, thanks for giving such clear explanations. How do you get all this understanding? I have a blog too, it’s still new, fresh and maybe rough around the edges; if you get a chance check it out. j-maci.com

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Natal Mercury in the 8th House
Another interesting article XAOS, some parts of this explanation are definitely true, specially in being able to conceal my own secrets while simultaneously uncovering the truth about many things. I wouldn’t say everything is accurate but probably because I also have Venus and Jupiter there too.

Natal Venus in the 8th House
Great article XAOS, I like your style of writing, I have a clear understanding of Venus in the 8th house which is the position on my chart. My sun sign Taurus is also sitting in the eight house as the cusp, along with Mercury and Jupiter. Is there anything else I should know about this placement? Venus is sitting in the middle of Mercury and Jupiter.

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