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Natal Neptune in the 9th House

Having your natal Neptune in the 9th house is one of the best placements for this planet, as it is much better for it to reside high in the heavens than below the horizon. Neptune placed here gives a man of tremendous faith in the divine, which may even lead him to make religion his way of life.

As the 9th house is traditionally ruled by Sagittarius and Jupiter, its expansive traits strengthen the mystic powers of Neptune, enhancing his otherwise passive functions. The 9th house pulls out the most positive characteristics of the blue planet, making the native interested in higher meanings. Such an individual will have the search for God and Truth a very important priority in his life.

This natal placement will give an interest in religions and mysticism, and usually lead the person to develop a rather different type of spirituality than the prevailing in his society. Neptune might therefore cast his mist around the native’s religious searches, making them of a rather secretive nature. If Neptune is positively afflicted, the native will experience a profound spiritual life. He will be a devoted believer to something higher, and will even have mysterious manifestations of events in his life that will provide him proof of the deity’s existence.

The native’s prayers will be heard and the heavens will aid him; he will attribute this help to the God he believes in, not understanding that he has the power to create reality himself. Neptune in the 9th house is a mirror in the sky; the native is addressing his prayers to his own mirror and they return as facts in reality. His faith will eventually move mountains, and many people with such an aspect will at least consider becoming monks or priests of the religion they follow.

In case that Neptune has hard aspects, especially by Mars, the native might become a victim of religious fraud. His wide open gates towards higher meanings can be used for intrusion towards his subconscious by a cult or some other type of religious organization. If you have an ill-aspected Neptune, be very careful of religious sects and always prefer to walk a lonely road in spirituality. You are rather sensitive and all type of spiritual swindlers will strive to vampirize on your mind; build some extra defenses towards “gurus”, especially those who are foreigners as the 9th house rules exotic and foreign lands.

Do not join that brainwashing “Hare Krishna” group, no matter if they seem all happy and chanting. In case that you travel a lot abroad (and you probably will), observe the foreign religions as a cultural phenomenon and do not indulge in taking part in rituals or have a prolonged stay in a monastery or other secluded communities. Another possible danger is getting lost in a foreign country, as Neptune casts his fog in any house he is located in.

Concerning higher education, Neptune might bring quite a lot of confusion. The native’s studies may be of a rather chaotic nature and his approach to them quite passive. Neptune helps viewing the broad concept of any subjects he learns, but definitely does not help concentrating on the details. If the native studies something that involves accuracy such as Mathematics, he might never be able to finish his university. On the other hand, this placement can make him excel in studies such as Sociology, Theology or anything else that is more philosophical and less practical.

Neptune in the 9th house is a very powerful natal placement for writers, especially those of fantasy niches. The individual can directly access archetypes and information from the collective unconscious and use it in the fantasy literature that he develops, being thus able to touch deeper layers of the readers. If you have such a placement and are involved in writing, be very careful in your dealings with publishers; a badly aspected Neptune can signify attempts to steal your work or elsehow use you for profit.

Be sure that you reserve your rights, and the best thing is to have some other dear person keep a track of all the legal actions you take to protect your work. Neptune may give you too much carelessness in your dealings with the system, and indicate losses of income due to wrong movements. It is a pity to write a wonderful book only to have his rights stolen or do something else stupid enough to diminish your gains.

If you have your natal Neptune in the ninth house, always remember that always relying on something higher is not a correct perception of reality. Yes, there exist higher things than us, but these are strongly interconnected with us; they are actually a part of us and even created by us. Thus, never be passive and waiting for miracles to fall from the heavens. You must always move your own hand to create the miracle; it will then eventually become reality.

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  • Bethanne

    Really enjoy your writing!

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    • Thank you, keep enjoying! New articles will be published as fast as we can 🙂

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  • Msa

    I had to giggle when reading this.I have natal Sun/Neptune in exact conjunct in the 9th and varsity was spent mostly drinking and partying. I really didnt think that i would finish because i kept on changing my majors and eventually decided to study something that didn’t require a lot of numerical calculations.

    I changed to that major when Neptune arced to conjunct my Midheaven. I definitely felt the “wipeout” in and around that time. But graduated with a Bcom in Business Admin when Jupiter arced to square my Asc in 19 Degree of Aries. Thank goodness for my natal Venus,Moon,Mercury /Saturn assistance otherwise I would still be there.

    Great article.

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