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Natal Neptune in the 7th House

Having your natal Neptune in the 7th house is a rather tricky position, as the planet will complex all matters concerning marriage, business partnerships and legal issues. This placement does not indicate tragic and harsh events, but rather a disillusionment and annoyance about everything ruled by this house. Neptune is the planet responsible for dissolution, so anything that includes strict boundaries is not favored.

The native with Neptune in the 7th house has idealized the concept of marriage, probably perceiving it as a permanent state of bliss with a significant other. This is usually not the case, as long lasting relationships can rarely keep that romantic magic of their first period. This nebulous approach towards love can bring quite a lot of frustration; the native may invest a lot of time in another person just to understand that all those years he was wearing pink glasses, not realizing who actually the other person is. Time cannot go backwards though, and the pattern gives a tendency to do the same mistakes again in next relationships or marriages. The internal need of finding someone who is ideal for unification will again appear, obscuring the real characteristics of the beloved one.

Usually, the native will attract a spouse with heavy Pisces/Neptune emphasis; their marriage partner will be of an ethereal and careless nature, daydreaming a lot. In case that Neptune is well-aspected, the native will marry to an artist or someone who is very sensitive. If Neptune is adversely aspected by malefics then the spouse is likely to have substance addictions and barely perceiving reality; the marriage will often evolve in an unhealthy savior/victim relationship. The truth will be that the spouse will not want to be rescued- of course the native will have too an idealized perception to understand that his help is actually not having any influence. In addition, the native might experience a loss of income, either by spending on rehabs or for providing to his spouse the necessary booze or substances.

Martian aspects to Neptune can bring a deceptive partner, hiding his real personality from the native. Unfortunately, the compassionate nature of the chart owner is willing to offer anything to their significant other, allowing the other to take advantage. The curious thing is that the native might not even have any idea that he is being used; even when friends or relatives try to wake him up he will prefer to continue his dreaming.

We should here notice that this placement does not affect the sexual life or the relationships that the 5th house brings. With such natal Neptune, the native should definitely consider sticking to 5th house loves and affairs, as they will be a lot more reliable and close to reality. He should understand that a total unification with another person will probably lead him to become his caretaker, a parental figure that will not be considered as a sexual one. Following the 7th house relationship might even lead to periods of celibacy, as the marriage can turn up to be a lot more platonic than the native can even imagine. Indeed, this is the pattern that especially appears when the partner is a substance abuser; he will prefer to indulge in his passions rather than invest in intimacy.

Business partnerships are not functioning well, either. The partners are lacking the necessary seriousness, being irresponsible and careless. Their cloudy approach will definitely complicate the creation and sustenance of a healthy business company, they will frequently operate secretly and can even steal from the native. Generally, with this natal placement of Neptune the best is to not indulge into forming a collaborative business with someone, but rather to do something on your own or get employed.

One of the positive traits of Neptune in the 7th house is the weakening of one’s open enemies. These are lacking real power to harm him, and can just become a hassle. If the individual has a lawsuit with an enemy, this might last for years without a definite outcome except from annoyance. This placement can bring a lot of mistakes with paperwork and contracts, and these can be also a reason for legal disputes with others. Such lawsuits can even end without a clear victory for any side, and a loss of time and nerves for both.

If you have such a natal placement, thoroughly consider all the details before getting into some form of legal union. Whether it is marriage or business, you should dig deep in the details and be objective to yourself about who the other person is. It might be better to continue such a relationship without putting it on paper, as it will be a lot easier to back off if such a need appears.  And always remember: pity is never a good reason to get married. Playing the savior can be a dangerous game; if you really want to save someone then save yourself from your own decisions!

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    my neptune is on the 6th/7th cusp, but my neptune is very well aspected. this talked mostly about bad aspects. i hope life won’t be that bad for me.

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