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Natal Neptune in the 5th House

When Neptune resides in the 5th house, its effects on the love life, children and recreation habits of the native are quite foggy. The planet may create a lot of secrecy in the house’s matters; on the other hand there are possibilities of receiving immense joy. Even if it is induced through fantasies and delusions, and does not represent reality.

Before speaking about the possible traits this mysterious planet can create, we should notice that the aspects from other planets to it are playing a very important role. Neptune is a mirror covered in fog, reflecting a very big amount of the energies it receives from other planets. Thus, a Neptune with positive aspects from planets can be functioning perfectly and resonating all the good traits of the aspecting planets. On the other hand, the difficult aspects can make Neptune function as a malefic; and even worse- a passive and receptive one.

The 5th house is known to be the house of joy and recreation, and the presence of Neptune creates an individual who knows how to appreciate art. Neptune will make the native love dancing, and in the horoscope of a woman will make her movements be rather seductive and slow. One would literally observe the water waves flowing through such a person, because their body can melt in the rhythm of the music. There can also be a talent in poetry, while with other aspects present they can develop abilities in musical instruments.

As the fifth house is ruling one’s children, the presence of Neptune will give to the native’s first child the character of a dreamer. Its mind will be constantly roaming in fantasies, and can be very careless, even passive towards their own lives.  The child is very gifted and creative and has tendencies to become an artist. It is emotional and sensitive, while also can develop psychic abilities and be highly intuitive.

When Neptune covers with his fog the fifth house of a person, he can create secrecy around the native’s children. If he is a man, he may have a child and never even know it, while if a woman things can get even more complicated. She could be unsure about who is the father, or the biological father could be different than her spouse. This aspect might also signify artificial insemination from an unknown donor. In addition, if Neptune is adversely aspected by Mars, Uranus or some other malefic then there are possibilities of miscarriage or abortions. If you have such kind of aspects, you are strongly advised to not indulge in substances usage, as they might both bring an unwanted pregnancy and terminate even a one wanted. In addition, this aspect might even signify adopting a child.

People with such an aspect can have more than one sexual partner during the same period. Their love life can be consciously very liberal or even totally careless. Neptune in the fifth house creates a lot of secrets concerning the native’s sexual affairs. Nevertheless, the native is not a sexual predator. The gentle nature of Neptune is bringing a lot of romanticism in his affairs too; it is just that Neptune’s fog does not allow certain borders define his relationships. This is the reason why it is easy for people with such an aspect to date many people simultaneously; each affair is a different beautiful story, and they perceive all of them as if they are a different person in each one.

With adverse aspects, Neptune in the 5th house may be victimized. The native will frequently fall in love for the wrong person and be torn down, while keeping idealizing that person long time after. The blue planet gives characteristics of martyrdom and masochism; the native is willing to suffer and even accept anything from the person he is in love with. Also, this natal placement can give victim/savior relationships, sometimes with a rather dramatic and dreamy atmosphere that reminds of movies. They tend to attract chaotic and unusual partners, and with them comes general confusion in most matters of the house. If you have this aspect, be careful to not fall in love with someone’s faults, instead of his virtues. Such an aspect may easily make you attracted to alcoholics and junkies, people who have problems concerning their sexuality and physically crippled. Again, the victim/savior pattern can be triggered and arise a need to nurture.

When someone has Neptune placed in the 5th house, he should frequently take off those pink-colored glasses that filter the perception of the world and his love life, even if he later will wear them again. Indeed, many times such a perception can make someone very happy and empower the house’s affairs. But a stable basis is necessary, and he should constantly observe reality; otherwise, he would just keep idealizing whatever comes forth in his road.

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