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Natal Neptune in the 4th House

When the mysterious planet Neptune sheds his shades on the house of one’s origins, his childhood and roots can be rather blurred even in his own mind. Growing up is not easy with this aspect, and a curious fact is that the native will usually bury his childhood deep into his subconscious while growing up. It will literally seem to him as a life of some other person he once watched in the movies, and remembers just fragments and scenes.

This placement can be rather difficult for the native’s early years, as it makes at least one parent absent, metaphorically or even literally. In many occasions, the native will be of a child of a divorced family. Many people who are growing in an orphanage or have elsehow lost their parents have this aspect. There is general confusion in the child’s mind about his origin, because even if his parents are physically present in his life, they actually do not act as parental figures. Neptune rules alcohol and substances, and with difficult aspects from Mars or Pluto can make one or both parents addicts or drunkards. This aspect can even make the real identity of on e of the native’s parent hidden, and it can be revealed to him later in his life. Usually, the native does not keep a lot of contacts with his ancestors when he becomes an adult.

On the other hand, when Neptune has only positive aspects, then the parents are dreamers, do not impose themselves as authority figures in the person’s life and are regarded by him mostly as people who just surround him. He feels as if he is born and growing by himself. The child observes the passive character their parents have, and categorizes them as beings of lower power than him. For such a person, living by the sea or somewhere near water generally can be a life goal. Such types of residences calm them down and might become a priority, especially in the latter years of their lives.

Natal Neptune in the first house gives very passive parents, especially the mother. She can be literally living in a fantasy world, or even be a religious fanatic. With very hard aspects falling on Neptune, she can be in some kind of religious sect, manipulated in such a way that she does not even contribute her time in raising her child. Nevertheless, the native has the tendency to idealize her and forgive all the lack of attention. He perceives his parent(s) as people who suffer, martyrs carrying their crosses or being scapegoats, and cannot really blame them. In fact, this placement can even create a lot of compassion to the passive parent, and forms the native’s character for the rest of his life. He will frequently help other people who get victimized, or have similar problems to his parent.

People with such a natal Neptune should be very careful with property issues, as they can experience some kind of fraud in their lives. If you have adverse aspects between Neptune and/or Mercury, be extra careful with everything that has to deal with real estate. There can be frequent moving to different houses and change of residence, while some of them could even be in hidden locations.

This placement can differ a lot, depending on the aspects of the other planets to Neptune. Neptune is a receptive planet, passively transforming the energy it receives from natal aspects or transits. Thus, a positively aspected Neptune will radically differ from an adversely one. Also, do not forget that the planet is a generational one, moving very slowly through the signs. A possible hard aspect from another generational planet is something that all people born in the same period will have. I personally consider harsh aspects with Mars,  Mercury, the Sun or even the benefic planet of Venus more difficult as they are more personal and directly affect the psyche of the individual.

Due to the fact that Neptune is connected with the collective subconscious and unconscious, its placement in the fourth house of an individual can gift him with inheritance of occult powers, which will be rather uncontrolled. The planet rules magic and illusion, and can create a lot of strange facts both around the native’s family and his childhood. The energies that manifest are beyond his control, and unless he has some strong planets in the 8th he will not be able to tame them.

If you have such a placement, you should be very careful in providing your home as an asylum for people with problems. Neptune in the 4th house will easily accept his drunkard or junkie friend to live with him, in order to save him from homelessness. Even though this can be a beautiful movement with good intentions, the friend might actually start using the native as a stable basis for continuing his substance-centered life. In such a way he might become a burden for many years, and even using the native as a source of income for his addictions. Friendship is a wonderful thing; be sure though that it is both-sided.

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  • Laura

    Thanks for the article Xaos.

    I was wondering, how is it for the late 80’s generation who have Saturn and Uranus conjunct Neptune and in this 4th house, how would they play out?

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  • Anonymous

    Very accurate description, never knew my father and my Mother suffers from severe depression and has been heavily medicated for most of my life. I grew up basically unparented, but am now grateful for the complete freedom I had to make all my own choices in life. I do live beside the river and run along it daily for meditation. My heart feels mostly compassion for my Mother and her suffering.

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  • Phoenix May

    Thank u so much for article 🙂

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  • Phoenix May

    Thank u so much for the article, because it make me understanding about the life.

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