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Natal Moon in the 9th House

With the Moon in the house of higher philosophy, the native develops high spiritual and moral values. This placement gives a person whose soul strives to feel, give and receive through religion, justice or spirituality. Their beliefs contain a lot of emotions, and this sensitivity towards what they believe as higher than them makes them dedicate to that cause.

Such a natal position of the moon can indicate moving to live to a different country than where the native is born. As the Moon rules the mother, there is a possibility of having a mother from a different nation, religion or race than the father. This position will definitely bring a foreigner as a husband or wife, if the cusp of the 7th house falls in Cancer sign. As the ninth house is also ruling traveling, the person who has such a placement will frequently travel to distant places, in which he will blend and interact with the foreign culture and empower his mind. Through such travels he can experience profound and life-changing illuminations and structuring a different philosophy of life.

The Moon in the ninth house creates a great listener. As the Moon is a passive and receptive planet, its position in the 9th house creates a very good receptor for information. The people who have this placement do not so much indulge in becoming a source of information. They listen a lot, but for the pleasure of receiving and not interacting. They are lifelong learners, and no matter how much they learn there is always a feeling of being unfulfilled.

The mother of the native with such a natal Moon may be felt somehow far, during the childhood. The child feels that although his mother is physically present, her mind is somewhere away, as if she is searching something else. There are possibilities of the mother being an academic, a writer, a judge or elsehow involved in those higher fields that the 9th house rules. The mother is many times showing less attention to the child while she concentrates on her 9th house activities. The Moon is also ruling food, so when it is present in the 9th house can give a love of foreign cuisine. Gastronomy in such occasions can even become an important reason for traveling to foreign lands; the native experiences the culture through food. He can even become very emotional about his favorite tastes and cuisines!

This natal Moon position gives a sensitive and receptive mind. It creates the dreamer and the visionary; the person wants to change the world and can be drawn into some good cause. On the other hand, the Moon is giving a rather unstable nature to the subjects of the house. The native might frequently change his mind and philosophy, or have multiple hobbies and switches from one to the other. This does not allow the native’s mind to fully concentrate on just one spiritual area; he becomes a thinker but never a knower. For him, this might be actually the best option; this way the native’s mind can travel and spread into a wider variety of subjects. This might reduce specialization, on the other hand will expand the interests. And for a 9th Moon native, boredom is a no-no.

In case that the native’s reality is pushy and he has not enough money to fulfill his travel needs, he simply pushes a button in his mind and disappears in thoughts. Natives with this placement have amazing abilities of visualizing imaginative stories; they can get frequently lost in lengthy fantasies that watch as movies in their heads. This magical placement is an open gate towards a more romantic, beautiful and exciting world, than the one who really exists. And if the person dreaming such dreams, has also other abilities… then who knows? He might even be able to materialize those illusions.

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