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Natal Moon in the 7th House

Having the moon in the 7th house has a drastic effect on partnerships and everything that has to do with unification. Should it be marriage, a stable business relationship, or other type of contract, the moon’s light gives a special hue to this life subjects’ department.

The feminine energy of the moon makes an individual drawn to relations and blending with another soul, making them prefer to avoid any type of solitary activity. The need for emotional support and fulfilment is strongly present.

The moon is the quickest-moving celestial body. As such, this can bring hastiness and instability in the house it is located. This results in jumping from one relationship to another, many times having delusions that the significant other is the one and only.

This in particular is stronger in people who were born at a full moon, because then the moon acts as a shining pendulum of hypnosis, reflecting in full the light of the sun. Such kind of people should be careful, for what they are really seeing is the reflection of the sun which is located in the 1st house. They actually seek being themselves and strengthening their sun aspects which even is responsible for the body and vitality, but they look towards the opposite direction, magnetized by the beauty of the full moon. The opposition of these two celestial bodies gives great possibilities of a problematic family and early years of the native, with the parents either separating or quarrelling.

Fear of being alone, makes the 7th house moon people jumping to new relationships rather quickly, and building dependency faster than other individuals. In a man’s horoscope, the moon placed there gives big importance to the women of his life. He wants closeness and security in his relationships. It is very common that such a person is attracted to people with prominent moon or a having a lot of characteristics of Cancer. There is high possibility of the mate to have physical looks that are of Moon and Cancer. It can draw a Cancer ascendant person, or a Moon in the 1st house person, which both tend to give white skin, dark or even raven-black hair, general paleness and slimness. It could also bring Goth-style significant others, especially if Uranus or Pluto are involved with some aspect to the Moon.

Another general rule is that it attracts sensitive partners, and the feeling of mothering or being mothered is typical in the couple. The exchange of energy comes highly through sleeping hugged together, caressing and nurturing each other. If the 7th house moon lays in Taurus, the couple might express their affection in feeding each other and indulging in gourmet experiences together. There is high osmosis between the partners, and feelings are flowing strongly, thus also being vulnerable to outside interventions. The couple’s sleeping together can bring mixing of dreams, or even prophetic abilities through dreaming.  Of course, the moon also influences moody behaviors, and when heavily afflicted by Uranus or other malefics can have as a result the tendency to relate with hysteric or depressive characters.

More than one marriage or long relationship is highly likely, and the Moon’s shining can trigger a public type of official vocation. The native can receive positions that are connected with a public image, and make him generally known. Of course, the Moon can never guarantee a prolonged publicity by itself – it is rather drown towards the opposite, unless there are slow moving planets strengthening the moon’s position by triangles or sextiles.

In a man’s horoscope, when the Moon is only positively afflicted, it gives a very good wife. The pattern should involve also a very good mother, which is afterwards emotionally replaced by the spouse. It indicates good business partnerships, especially in what has to do with design and art. On the other hand, when there are a lot of hard aspects, both the emotional life and work life have quick ups and downs.

They have a strong ability of absorbing other people’s mood, and if in hard aspects with Neptune they can be very easily hypnotized or emotionally used. Their psychic ability is strong, depending also to what other planets exist in water signs and on aspects from the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto). These affecting the moon can open gates to the realms of collective subconscious and mass psychology, which also empowers artists and designers can gain their reputation. They can feel generational waves of styles and patterns arriving to the material world, and create such products before the beginning of the wave. Thus, they can even become influential leaders in new waves of art.

Many are also good cooks, or involved in cooking business. It is not unusual for a 7th Moon Pluto to be meaning being a co-owner of a restaurant, with great care being dedicated from the native to its functioning. In case there is a conjunction of Moon an Venus, the native will be dedicating a lot of effort also in the appearance of the food, making it perfect for high-class gastronomical business.

When the Moon is conjunct Mars, one should be aware that his spouse might tend to participate in violent and rude behavior, which will be in the native’s hands to soften. Saturn in conjunction can bring problems and delay of marriage, which could be afterglows of a cold and distant approach pattern of the native’s mother. Jupiter, in contrary, brings a wealthy and happy partner, enhancing and strengthening the Moons fragile and moody light.

A 7th Moon person can heal himself and others through nurturing, and taking care of people can even balance negative natal aspects. In case he manages to stabilize his union’s moody characteristics, moonlight can guarantee him a pleasant unification, full of sweetness, mutual acceptance and romantic love.

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