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Natal Moon in the 4th House

When the Moon is located in the 4th house of a natal chart, its position is considered a very fortunate one. The 4th house is traditionally ruled by Cancer, and its ruling planet Moon, so the Earth’s satellite is actually residing at its own home. People whose Moon resides there are of the lucky ones to feel the mother love at its top.

This natal placement gives a sensitive, nourishing and emotional mother that gives a lot of care and tenderness to the native. She has a strong Cancer/Moon emphasis in her chart, great abilities of cooking, raising her children and housekeeping. This type of a mother will usually breastfeed her child longer than the others, and will continue cooking for the native even when he becomes an adult. There is a strong emotional bond between them, which continues as long as they are both alive. The native’s childhood was very secure, and he felt protected and safe in his mother’s hug. During his very early years, the individual with such a Moon position was constantly keeping in his mother’s hug; and such a close physical contact could continue even later. The native receives a lot of caress, tenderness and love; he thus develops a sentimental world of big capacity, which follows him during the rest of his life.

Both the native and his mother have a strong urge of living near the sea, a lake, a river or some other source of water. If the Moon is positioned in a water sign, this urge is even stronger and the native will not find content unless he fulfils this dream. Water brings much comfort to his private life, acts as a source of inspiration and provides a lot of energy which will be used for the family affairs and everyday home routines.

This Moon’s placement makes family and home a big priority in the chart holder’s life. Having a family brings to him emotional stability, and there is no way that such a native does not create one. Even if malefics in the 7th house obstruct him getting married, he will create something that will be structured as a family through some other way. The native will copy his mothers’ archetypal behavior and will also develop his cooking talents, while will also be fond of housekeeping. Nevertheless, the Moon does not provide a very stable residence; he and his family will be frequently moving and changing houses.

People with their Moon positioned in the 4th house are feeling very sentimental about their roots and ancestors. Their memories are a very important part of their personality, and they will frequently feel nostalgic towards their past. Such kind of natives are prone to collecting photographs and categorizing them in albums, as well as keeping a lot of objects that remind them of people and situations. Usually, there exists some family heirloom which they keep with great respect and will pass to their offsprings. This heirloom can often be made of silver, or belong to the female ancestors, thus also passing to the female children of the line. There is a general attachment to the traditions, both of the family’s, the birthplace’s, the religion’s or the culture’s. Such kind of people will always take part in traditional events of their homeland, especially in food festivals and all which involve cooking. In addition, they keep their own recipes; this placement gives the pattern of having a grandmother and a mother that pass some very old recipe to the native. The person with Moon in the 4th house might be very attached emotionally to some special types of food that where cooked for him!

People with the Moon in the 4th house do not indulge in casual relationships. They prefer stable and nurturing bonds, and will stick with a partner for long if the emotional needs are fulfilled. If the native is a man, the type of woman he is searching for getting into a relationship can be literally a copy of his mother. Men with such a strong placement of the Moon can be considered as unmasculine, nevertheless this does not have some special effect on their sexual orientation. This placement simply brings a lot of drinking of feminine energy from their mother, which can afterwards manifest through them even in their movements and way of speaking. And this is quite natural; we all tend to copy the moves and speech of people who we hang with. So, just imagine how much we can be affected by someone who is present during our whole life and feel such a strong emotional bond as to our mother!

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