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Natal Moon in the 3rd House

Having the Moon in the house of communication creates a very receptive mind, capable of filling large capacities inside it with information. Thus, such a native can amass a huge load of data among many subjects, picking up new languages, even providing a talent for imitating other people’s voices and images. The moon helps a lot in reflecting and re-projecting external patterns, and when in aspect to planets responsible for art can produce great artists. The same applies if stelliums of planets are found near the moon, and depending on the nature of them the native usually follows working with his hands. This could be from a sculptor to a car mechanic, but definitely gives ability and even accuracy to anything created by hands.

The moon in the third usually brings along it sensitivities in whatever is connected with comunication. The native inserts a lot of emotion to them, and the hastiness of the moon can bring frequent changes in opinions, ideas and even people towards whom the communication flows. As this house is also responsible for short trips, one will indulge in frequent weekend journeys in nearby places. This placement can make someone take care of a country-house nearby his house, having his off days passed there and usually taking also care of a garden. If the moon is very close to the end of the house, the country-house might come from his mother or her lineage. If the moon is in Taurus or other fertile sign then it is frequent that agriculture and garden activities are not only present as a hobby but even a way of life.

In case that someone follows an artistic path, the moon gives a lot of emotion on his works too. The artist will tend to be romantic, giving to his art mellow characteristics. The atmosphere present is usually dreamy, and all types of emotions are usually inspirative for the native. An external observer will be able to recognize in the artists creations what type of emotions they try to describe, and their works can be really influential to the audience as they can bring out archetypes of the collective subconscious. They have exceptional psychological insight, managing to depict other’s people feelings also on their creations.

The third house is also traditionally governing siblings. Such a person can have a brother or sister that is Cancer or has otherwise a strong Moon in his natal chart (near the Ascendant, inside the First house or in other important position of his chart). Usually the siblings are very emotional, passing this sensitivity also to the chart’s owner. Also, another characteristic it gives is natural curiosity, which can lead to investing a lot of time in reading books, studying or expanding their horizons to different subjects and crafts. Nevertheless, from this is excluded higher education, as it is represented by the ninth house which lays completely opposite this one. If both houses have planets, their energies are polarized, which leads quite often for differences between the middle level studies and the higher ones. This can even be quite good, as the native can create a unique combination of different types of knowledge, sometimes leading in their mixture in a totally new and quite personal blend. The opposition of the third house moon with important planets in the ninth house always brings internal contradictions; there can be even dilemmas of choosing a place to live, abroad or in his birthplace.

The neighbors are also ruled by the third house, so a moon there brings frequent visits from them. The “popping in for coffee” pattern can be widely observed, and the placement also promotes the organization of barbecue type events. Neighbors can be even seen as a part of the family and the native’s house is becoming a lair for other people to pass time. Moon, as the planet mostly responsible for cooking, will enhance these meetings with the offering of food and drink, creating a shiny atmosphere.

One thing such a native should concentrate on, is to taming his mood while communicating. The Moon is giving some instability due to its quick movement, and feelings can easily over-flood the words said, as long as the reception of other’s words. Such a native should consciously examine his expressions, to understand how the Moon and its phases can react on it, and by being a little bit more careful those concrete days he can stabilize this flow that is not easily controlled as it touches parts of the psyche. Also, daydreaming might be wonderful but touching the ground once in a wile should become for them a priority. Indeed, it can only enhance the ability to daydream, as the native will not risk getting lost in his (usually romantic) fantasies.

Another pattern that can appear is that the native acts like a maternal figure to a smaller sibling, or being the small one that is raised up like this. The bond is strongly connecting the two, lasting long years and granting a lot of care, especially when combined with other good aspects. Also, as the third house is governing transportation, the native is usually having a vehicle, to which he also gets emotionally attached. Nevertheless, it is frequent to change even them as Moon is definitely the planet that governs stability. Such natives are also preferring to have the TV or radio on, as they enjoy the frequent flow of information even as a background of their life. They feel quite comfortable when are surrounded by observable flows. In case the third house Moon is placed in a water sign, there is no better self-healing than relaxing at a river or at the sea, and having water sounds cleaning out all the unnecessary information from them. The native in such case should use such places as meditation spots, and he would  usually find them near his residence, taking frequent quick walks or drives to relax.

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  • Bpurple

    Loved this!! I have an unaspected moon in the 3rd, in Capricorn – I sculpt, i LOVE plants and gardening/landscaping…i have unusual shaped hands and love to touch everything, sculpting really helps me fulfil this huge tactile need. I’ve had people cry when they view my art.
    My brother is cap sun and cancer moon, i raised him during his younger years, he’s very sensitive emotionally.
    I love to write poems, short stories and one day hope to publish. I daydream too much LOL!
    I am a FIERCE researcher of any topic which interests me, having a large capacity to retain information. Now i’m older i have taught myself so many subjects that i’m known for my random trivia while communicating.
    To release my mind of the busy-ness it is prone to, i do adore sitting by a stream at the bottom of my garden and immersing myself into the sound of the trickles and the flickering sunlight dancing between the shadows of the trees. Bliss 🙂 I’m a cancer sun.

    Thank you Xaos for your contributions – i love your articles and evident ease of intuition you have regarding placements – wonderful work 🙂

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