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Natal Moon in the 2nd House

When the second house of a person’s natal chart is occupied by the Moon, everything connected to his wealth and belongings becomes extremely important for his security. The presence of the Moon makes the individual sensitive concerning financial matters, and usually makes his income fluctuating frequently, just like the tide of the sea.

This pattern’s origin might be from the mother, who has also been rather insecure concerning money during the native’s childhood. The mother was emotionally attached both to the child and to her house, and the native will frequently spend his money on items used for cooking. Other expenses include decorations for his home and furniture. In case that Venus is also present in the house, or aspecting the Moon, there will be over-expenses on luxurious objects. In general, such kinds of people dedicate a big part of their income to their family and immediate surroundings. A second house Moon person will not indulge in investing his money into social activities, unless these are happening in his own house.

Possible sources of income are areas connected with the Moon, Cancer and the fourth house, traditionally ruled by the planet and its sign. These could be food, working from home or even being engaged with real estate. A lot of people who own restaurants or work as cooks have this placement, especially if the Moon is somehow connected with the 6th and/or 10th house. The Moon does not help for establishing a healthy income/expense pattern. Big part of the money can be spent in a rather short period, forcing the native to withstand difficult days till his next payment. Curiously enough, he will do the same thing again and again.

An issue that the Moon in the second house can create is becoming overly attached to people. Such natives can hold onto others very tightly, developing feelings of belonging and owning towards them. The same can appear towards objects, especially if the object is carrying some memory and nostalgia. They can have a difficult time parting with things they like, and in extreme situations when the Moon is heavily afflicted they can literally fill closets with useless stuff. The individual can have many tendencies to become a collector, and difficult Lunar aspects with Mercury or/and Pluto can create a very obsessive personality, dedicating his time into worshipping this fetish objects.

There are high possibilities for the native to be financially dependant on his mother, even in his adult years. If it is not the mother who helps, then it should be some other mother figure, which does not necessarily have to be older. This could even be the native’s girlfriend or wife, while in a female horoscope a female friend, aunt or grandmother. Anyone who plays the nurturing role of the mother in the native’s life can become his Moon shining in the house of material possessions. If the individual with such a placement is a man, he is advised to work on his masculine side as over-activating the Lunar energy will make him a very passive character, unable to hold his life in his own hands.

When the transiting full Moon falls in this house, there might be unexpected windfalls of money. Nevertheless, this happens roughly once a year in the native’s horoscope, and to receive big amounts the transiting full Moon must be supported by other transits too. In all the rest cases, the earnings of the day/period will just appear to be higher than usual, and will be quickly spent.

Finally,  small piece of magic advice, taken from the Russian traditions for people whose wealth is connected with the Moon: Take a silver coin, and hold it in front of the young crescent in the sky, the days after a New Moon. The energy of the waxing moon will expand the silver in your hands, and your money will be multiplied. The same can be done with anything silver: spoons, jewels and more. Be careful to not do the opposite, showing your silvery to a waning Moon: the effect will be to empty your pockets from money.

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