Nov 17

Natal Moon in the 12th House

An individual with natal Moon in the 12th house is always extremely sensitive to external currents, highly intuitive and with a tendency to hide their emotions. This placement can make the individual quite vulnerable, but also bring gifts of clairvoyance.

The 12th house is traditionally ruled by Pisces and Neptune, a sign and planet that are rather passive and feminine, deeply connected with water. The Moon is strongly connected with the water triplicity as it rules Cancer, and is not debilitated as it does in fiery placements. Nevertheless, as the 12th house is the Achilles’ heel of the natal chart, such a placement can be even quite dangerous and troublesome.

The gates towards other realities are quite open when the Moon is placed in the 12th, and this is strengthened even more if it is in a water sign. This fact by itself is rather neutral; yet the aspects that the Moon receives from other planets play a huge role. A well-aspected Moon will create a psychic with strong healing abilities who unconditionally helps other people, while an adversely aspected one can trigger quite a lot of phobias, depression and lead to emotional isolation.

A 12th house Moon grants the native powers of osmosis towards the feelings of the people that surround him. The individual will have antennas, always receiving the mood that hovers and making him rather empathetic to all those who suffer. The sentimental character of the native will make him strive to help people who he regards as martyrs; on the other hand he may be frequently becoming a martyr himself through giving a lot towards others and not caring about himself.

People with such a placement should be very careful when dealing with hypnosis or other techniques that can involve manipulation of the mind and subconscious messages. They are usually the easiest subjects to hypnotize, and actually can even follow orders without having to fall in a trance/hypnotic condition to receive them. The Moon in the sky can act as a hypnosis pendulum, so they should especially be very careful in such occasions, while also sleep with their curtains closed as the moonlight may lead them to sleep-walk or indulge in other activities they will not remember later.

The Moon in the twelfth house can bring quite a lot of fears, usually connected with emotional issues. The native may be afraid of being abandoned by people of his life, which may frequently make him get closed in his own shell. He might pass long periods away from people, just to not get too close and experience fears of losing them. These matters are usually echoes of childhood fears connected with the native’s mother. The mother may have been subconsciously perceived as an enemy during the native’s young years, and may have had very mutable mood, depressive tendencies or even hysteria. In addition, she might have been hospitalized quite a lot in her life, while also been in prison, monastery or other institution of seclusion.

The native’s imagination is very strong, and he will be many times daydreaming. The Moon placed there can disturb his sleep, bringing quite a lot of dreams which in case of bad aspects may be nightmares. In addition, many nights can be sleepless and full of thoughts, sometimes melancholic. If you have this placement you might discover monthly recurring patterns of difficult nights, either connected with the full Moon or when it transits its natal position.

People with Moon in the twelfth may not control their emotions easily, and they will many times overflow as the sea’s tides. Fragile and withdrawn, they are very easily hurt even if they will not express their pain. On the other hand, this overabundance of Lunar energy can make them strong healers, especially through nurturing other people. In many occasions it can also bring a job that involves caring; we should not forget that the 12th house rules all institutions, hospitals and clinics. The Moon in the 12th house can make someone a nurse, a cook or elsehow bring job in such places of restriction. This will mostly happen if the 6th or 10th house cusps are placed in Cancer.

As the 12th house is responsible about hidden enemies, a person whose Moon is afflicted by malefics like Mars, Saturn or Pluto will have repeating situations of female enemies. These might not be perceived as hostile in the beginning, and will be frequently viewed as friends even if they are already backstabbing the individual. If you have this placement, keep an eye on doubtful females (or people of strong Cancer/Moon emphasis) but try to not become paranoid, for it may furthermore alienate you from social life.

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  • Thien

    Excellent insights, this and other articles of yours. Thank you so much.

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  • Delando

    What if you have a moon square venus?

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  • Novacanee

    Great interpretation

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  • Alysa

    Really excellent articles. Thank you.

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  • Anna Markoulaki

    One more excellent article of yours!!!! Many many thanks .Are you also working on synastry ?. Would be very interesting .

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  • mysticjeanie

    O-M-G! Female enemies! In recent years I noticed this! I knew there was this insecure or subconscious notion to this!

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  • mysticjeanie

    PS I have a Moon in strong Conjunction with Pluto and Moon in semi-sextile with Saturn.

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  • Iumi

    Extremely helpful article! But please, would be be kind to explain how to handle Aries Moon 12th house? That feiry-watery energy is a real puzzle..I find very little information about it. Found this comment elsewhere (I hope it is alright to share) that i think explains it the best:

    “In my case, normally, I’m somewhat quiet and reserved, I don’t like a lot of attention, and take my place in the background of things. Then I get these spats of the Aries coming out in full force, wanting to be first, wanting all the attention. I’m a bass guitar player in a band, and I’m generally fine with that, but there are times I get these urges to be the lead singer, and want to start taking steps to make that happen. Then before I know it, I get more laid back again, and think, wow, do I really want that? All that attention seems like it would be more trouble than it’s worth.”
    How to you explain this when aries ambition is present with 12th house passivity? To be or not to be with 12th house aries moon? Haha 🙂

    Thank you very much for any helpful insight 🙂 I would really like to find out.

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    • Mario

      Hi Lumi,

      so uh, yeah, I am a 12th house Aries Moon as well.
      and well uh…yeah, I used to be the bass player in several metal bands.
      …still have that dream of being the lead singer or guitarist of a band,

      but these days making my own music here and there
      doing the instruments myself, in a more dark ambient style

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      • Mario

        where did you find that description, as you have read, it is very similar to myself.

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