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Natal Moon in Gemini

When a person has his natal Moon in Gemini, the sign will grant a big part of its attributes to everything that the Moon represents in his chart. As the Moon is generally governing our emotional parts, Gemini energy will make the native’s emotions quite connected to communication and the flow of information. Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac, and has planet Mercury as its ruling celestial body. Gemini is a dual and mutable sign, which makes the Moon function in a rather changeable way. The person’s emotional state will frequently fluctuate, highly depending on his daily mood, recent communications and external factors.

In the sign of Gemini, the Moon is in peregrine condition. Peregrine is a rather neutral condition, where a celestial body does not function neither very potently (as it does when domicile or in exaltation), nor is very weak (as it does when in detriment or fall). Yet, we should state that Gemini receives the Moon in a rather friendly way, especially in the last decan of the sign. We should not forget that the Moon rules Cancer, which is the next sign after Gemini. So, it is quite natural that the last degrees of Gemini are allowing some Cancerian energy flow towards the native’s Moon, making it slightly more potent. The Earth’s satellite has no real difficulties while positioned here, as the Mercurial traits of Gemini are actually empowering expression through words and ideas. On the contrary, over-expressing feelings can be the real problem, and not blocking them. More information about the Moon’s potency when received in the signs you can read in the article about the Moon’s Essential Dignities.

We should also note that the Moon changes sign about every two and a half days, as it is the quickest moving celestial body. This means that for calculating the exact placement and sign of our natal Moon, we should be as exact as we can with our time of birth. In some occasions, where the Moon is near the cusp of a new sign, even a mistake of a couple of hours can give us a different Moon sign result.

The Moon is the second brightest object in the sky, our planet’s satellite which influences with its orbit the biorhythms of life. The Moon is impersonated by the ancient Greek goddesses  Selene and Artemis (Latin Diana). The Moon governs all liquids on earth, even on a physical level. The Moon’s movement has a direct effect on the tides of the sea, while also on the body liquids of plants and live organisms. It is connected with the divine feminine, and in our charts represents our own mother, other mother figure people of our lives, while also our relations to the female gender.

Thus, when the Moon is in Gemini, it will give a Gemini type of mother. There is high possibility that the mother is bearing quite a lot of Mercurial energy, being responsible for the development of the native’s intelligence. She was probably teaching him speak and read from a rather young age, and her constant communication helped him develop a lot of his intellectual abilities earlier than other children. The mother may have been a teacher herself, or elsehow exercising Mercurial jobs that include transfer of data and information.  All these traits are passing to the native when he is a child as stereotypes, which later manifest in his own life through his sentiments, while also in all the life areas which the Moon rules in his chart.

If the native’s Moon is well aspected, he will perceive his mother as a very smart person, an everlasting source of. His mother can frequently be of the sign of Gemini or Virgo, as Mercury also rules this sign. Alternatively, his mother may have a lot of planets in Gemini and Virgo, or her Mercury strong by placement and aspects. An adversely aspected Moon may indicate that the mother has problems with her nerves, an unstable character that can be easily drawn to misunderstandings. In extreme cases, bad aspects give a mother with mental illness, impairment of speech and expression, or which has suffered a stroke. Of course, such extremes need difficult aspects to the Moon from other malefic planets to happen, such as oppositions, squares or conjunctions from Mars, Saturn, Uranus or Pluto.

A Gemini Moon person is usually very analytical concerning his feelings, yet somewhat unstable. They have a tendency to rush concerning their opinions and decisions, and frequently change them back and forth. People with this placement are usually emotionally tied to their siblings, with whom they have daily communication. They are very talkative, and will prefer people of the same type. A Gemini Moon will easily get bored among people who do not talk a lot, and have a strong natural curiosity. Such people will use their telephone a lot, and can be described as communication junkies. They adore small talk and chatting, and have a natural urge to do short trips, especially to nearby places that have water (sea, rivers, lakes). Gemini Moon frequently creates people that are in love with reading books, newspapers or blogs, and generally receive a lot of daily information. The only real danger this placement can bring is amassing huge amounts of trivial and unimportant information in the native’s mind.

Individuals with their Natal Moon in Gemini are usually quite independent, and can easily become social butterflies. Meeting new people is experienced as a flow of new information, which is quite arousing for their Moon. They do not like feeling tied in a relationship, and they absolutely hate when someone obstructs their social life. Gemini Moon people cannot stand jealous partners that control who they are talking to. Such individuals will prefer being single or in open relations, where they have a lot of freedom to move as they want. After all, this placement also brings rapid changes concerning emotions and it is not rare for them to date more than one person at the same period. In addition, another frequent phenomenon for Gemini Moon people is to return to a past lover, as they usually do not stop communicating with them at a human level. Naturally, such a placement gives the native an urge to be mentally stimulated by the people he feels attracted to.  He cannot stand people who have only physical beauty, and is mostly sapiosexual.

A slight problem this placement gives is being easily irritated. Such natives are usually quite moody and unpredictable in their reactions, and sometimes can get nervous. This planetary placement makes all emotional reactions pass as quickly as they manifest. When a Gemini Moon person is angry or irritated, expect that it passes as soon as he concentrates on something more interesting than that. There can be quite a lot of misunderstandings due to overanalyzing, but they are also never of a deep nature. Talking too much can become a problem, as this can irritate other individuals. In addition, this placement can bring some trouble from accidentally revealing secrets, both the chart owner’s or of other people. All those mistakes are usually made because of their speech’s hastiness, and can be diminished if they learn to tame their Moon energy.

Individuals with this natal placement like intellectual activity of all types, and hate boredom both in their relations and their everyday reality. The Mercurial energy of this Moon makes them seek people who are also good talkers, and frequently organizing events where talking is the main activity. For such natives, the best way to bond with another person is through common intellectual interests, literature, artistic events and generally discussing everyday matters. Gemini Moon people will never hesitate to talk to strangers, and even many important people of their life may come as random acquaintances.

Every Gemini Moon has different effect, depending on which house it resides in. In order to find out where your natal Moon is located, you can make your natal chart.

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Also, examine the aspects that the Moon forms with other planets of your natal chart. You will understand a lot more about the detailed role that the Moon has in your horoscope.

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