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Natal Mercury in the 7th House

Having the natal Mercury in the 7th house has a strong effect on marriage, contracts, unions and all other areas ruled by this angular house. Mercury, being the planet of communication, gives a rather intellectual background to all these, and partnerships of all types are usually based on excessive mutual flow of information.

The native with such a placement has a strong urge for communication with his partner, and would choose a good speaker and listener to share his time and everyday routine. Conversations are having a stimulating effect on the couple, and it would create the person that is constantly on the phone or texting the significant other even when they are away. In case the seventh house cusp is in the signs of Virgo or Gemini, the effects of Mercury are furthermore empowered, and the partnership will be constantly growing through new ideas and perspectives.

As the seventh house is also ruling official business partnerships, Mercury placed there can be very helpful in cooperation. Usually, planets occupying the 7th house bring close collaborations, established by contracts or other bonds that are hard to break. Mercury makes the bond be thoroughly planned and with emphasis on the details, while the job itself is either connected in some way with communication, or involves a lot of interconnection between the two sides.

In case that the native’s natal Mercury is retrograde, the placement would complicate a little bit the house’s issues, leading to over-analyzing the relationships and marriage. The person tends to concentrate on the details, forgetting that the big picture is what matters. This would in particular happen when Mars or Uranus are also placed in the house; in such a situation aggression is easy to rise between the couple or the business partners, and sudden breaking of the marriage or contracts is also frequent.

The same kind of disturbance in the relations can be felt when transiting Mercury is turning retrograde, due to the fact that he tends to make the lines of communication go down. Mercury is retrograding roughly three times a year, for a period of around 20 days, and the effects are mostly nervousness and misunderstanding. Of course, the quick tempo of Mercurial transits makes these patterns temporary, unless supported by a difficult transit of some slow-moving malefic.

The people attracted as business partners or spouses are usually having heavily emphasized Virgo or Gemini in their charts, or a strong Mercury by placement. The marriage tends to be to a younger person, who usually has a quite strong intellectual background through studying. Mercury is a neither masculine nor feminine, thus bringing the marriage having a rather non-sexual approach. This by no means that physical activities will not be present, but it rather emphasizes on the spiritual and intellectual side of the bonding. Communication will always be more important than sex, and the mind will be prevailing in front of the body. After all, even the choice of the significant other will be decided with the criteria of mind-compatibility, thus giving chances of not choosing the most sexually compatible body as a partner.

Furthermore, it should be mentioned that the dual nature of Mercury can make the house of commitment be activated more than once. Two marriages or long term relationships are quite possible, while the pattern of having to choose between two people and generally being in dilemmas can also appear. In any case, Mercury as the planet of intellect will give the native the ability to analyze the situations, and mostly choose with logic his path. A strong trine by a slow moving planet will support good intuitive decisions and bring luck to the native’s choices of commitment.

The seventh house is also ruling the open enemies of a native, and Mercury residing in it will make the person a good negotiatior, finding ways to compromise with the person that is in front of him. We should not consider the term enemy as someone who wants to cause harm to the person, but rather someone who might have different opinions on subjects that matter both. Thus, indeed a spouse or a business partner can be also regarded as open enemies, as there are frequently issues involving them that seek resolution. Mercury is rather a a good placement for achieving agreements with them, and in case of conjunction with Jupiter, the chart owner has the ability to turn his enemies to friends and supporters. Such a conjunction would turn the marriage or the partnership to a very strong spiritual bond where all sides would grow and be spiritually nurtured from the whole process.

One should be careful when his natal Mercury in the 7th house is afflicted by Mars, Uranus or Pluto, as quarreling and arguments can arise in his partnerships. Squares or oppositions with Saturn would cause intellectual loneliness, and finding the right mind to share the native’s reality could be quite difficult. Neptune being present along with Mercury in the house, or Pisces on the house cusp, could even bring a celibate commitment, or a white wedding just for obtaining the paperwork. Furthermore, if there is any adverse aspect with slow-moving malefic, the native should be very careful when putting things on paper, and definitely try to settle out things out of court in case that either the marriage or the business partnership goes down.

Lack of adverse aspects usually indicates a non-problematic flow of the 7th house subjects; the presence of beneficial ones empowers it even more. In such circumstances, the seventh house and all it represents becomes a quite central point in the native’s life, upon which everything else is built. In case that you observe your 7th house Mercury receiving a lot of trines and sextiles, then you definitely need a partner to function better. After all, one’s mind is where everything starts from, and through unification and commitment such a person will reach the intellectual surrounding needed for him to function.

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    I have Mercury conj. Jupiter both Gemini in 7th house. I live in a world of light and shadows, that’s for sure. I wonder if anyone knows what I mean.

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