Oct 13

Natal Mercury in the 6th House

When a native has his natal Mercury in the 6th house, the planet of intelligence is domicile as the house is ruled by Virgo. Mercury functions in a very good way, even if there are adverse aspects to it; these would mostly challenge the nerves and the mental health of the individual.

This natal placement will make the person continuously learn new things for his job, keeping his mind up-to-date and adapting to new techniques very quickly. People who have Mercury in the 6th will be always aware of new methods and have the wisdom to choose the best ones. They can easily perceive both the big picture and the details of projects they are involved in, and know how to value their work in terms of money. Mercury will make them perfectionists and they will tend to work a lot more than necessary, even if their job will not need a lot of physical activity. Indeed, the biggest part of their jobs involves thinking, speaking and interconnecting with other people.

Such a natal placement is great for working with numbers, computers and also gives great abilities of manipulation through speech. In addition, it can be wonderful for everything connected with books, filing and other types of methodic works. Advertising, writing or public relations are also occupations where the native can excel, while also offering himself real pleasure.

Mercury is a rather neutral planet; thus it does not reveal the nature of the native’s coworkers. They will be also intelligent- as he is himself, but their character and the workplace atmosphere will be mostly shown by any aspects falling on the planet. Nevertheless, the job surroundings will for sure include rapid actions, a lot of brainstorming and restlessness. As Mercury is a quick moving planet, this placement can give a lot of occupation changes. The native has great abilities to discover new jobs that are more profitable than the one he already does, and will not hesitate to quit in order to find a new one.

When Mercury is challenged in the 6th it can bring all types of nervous disorders to the chart holder. The huge amount of information processed by his brain can make it easily susceptible to breakdowns; nevertheless the fast nature of Mercury makes them be rather short periods- unless of course he suffers a hard transit by a slow moving malefic. His obsession with healthy diets can make him amass quite a lot of information about how the human body functions, making him a very good nutritionist even if he does not follow it as a job. Such people are usually tending to advise everyone around them about diets and food. Even though most of the advice they provide are correct, they can become annoying when try to enforce them upon people who do not care so much about these matters.

This natal placement creates a person who values cleanness and hygiene. With hard aspects, Mercury in the 6th can give a hypochondriac, and this is very frequently observed when Mercury is in opposition to some natal planet in the 12th house. As we all know, the 12th house is ruling one’s fears; thus when such a natal aspects exists the native may become paranoid about his health. Curiously enough, the problems that occur to such types of natives are not the ones they fear of; the problem is their own perception of this matter, many times leading to unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Natal Mercury in the 6th house is an overall good placement, especially in career issues. All the minor problems it can bring are mostly created by the native himself, and are connected to his way of thinking. The best remedy is to always find time to relax and clear his brain from the unnecessary information. Our brain might be an exquisite computer, but even computers need some defragmentation and shutting down once in a while, in order to continue functioning well.

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  • Maria

    I have merc in Aqua in the 6th
    Mars in leo in the 12th.

    I continue to throw myself into a frenzy about EVERY little ache and pain. As an adolescent, I’d faint every now and again when I perceived myself to be in any kind of medical trouble lol. Took me a long and hard time to follow “mind over matter” way of thinking. Great article. Nail on the head about EVERY single thing.

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