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Natal Mercury in the 12th House

Being born with natal Mercury in the 12th house can be a tricky placement, yet it can offer extraordinary abilities connected with the metaphysical. In addition, the person who has Mercury placed here can get involved in healing people who are experiencing problems in speech and expression.

As the 12th house is a gate to the other realms, Mercury can grant a native communication with spirits and hidden powers of our world. Even if someone does not believe in the existence of such entities, the native still will be communicating with something that roams outside of our perception. One might call it the collective subconscious, someone else the Akashic fields; no matter what name is used a person with such a placement will observe in his life many situations where his questions are being answered by uncanny cosmic voices and insights. Will this make him a medium? This depends on a lot of other factors, while also the intensity and ability of controlling such phenomena.

The 12th house rules the hidden, and thus any such interactions with outer forces will be kept away from other people’s eyes. Such an individual may have fears of not being believed by his close people, and will probably remain silent about a lot of manifestations that occur to him. Mercury is the planet mostly responsible for speech, and placed in the twelfth can gift knowledge of how to use words, chants and writing for magickal purposes.

If Mercury is well-aspected, a person with such a placement will be capable of detailed work, while also will excel in negotiations behind the scenes. People may trust him for their secrets, and if the 6th or 10th house cusp is placed in Gemini or Virgo his job may be connected to handling secret information.

As a child, the native was probably afraid to speak. Something or someone was intimidating him and the natural reaction was keeping silent in order to retain safety. Mercury in the house of fears can make all kind of worries crawl into the mind of a person, while in extreme situations even create mental illnesses. This placement can bring tendencies for paranoia and the person will be rather afraid of being misunderstood. The 12th house is ruling places of restriction, and an ill-afflicted Mercury can even lead the native need serious medical attention during heavy transits.

A twelfth house Mercury person will try to deceive all others concerning the way he thinks. This is an internal need developed from his early years, so that no-one can know how his mind is functioning and predict his next movements. In addition, such an individual may have a secret library and do his own researches, without telling barely anyone about his real interests.

One of the tricky traits of this natal placement is the tendency to decide upon intuition rather than logic, which can lead to various troubles if Mercury is adversely afflicted. Watch out for squares, oppositions or even conjunctions to Mars and Uranus; such aspects will definitely bring quite a lot of upheaval due to hasty decisions. The twelfth house is ruled by Pisces and Neptune; it is more than profane that such an individual should abstain from alcohol and drug abuse as they can severely blur his thought and lead to mistakes.

Another common problematic pattern appearing is dealing with secrets; both of other people and the individual’s own. Mercury will frequently reveal what should not be; the native must learn to think twice before speaking in depth about other’s or his own personal matters. The 12th house can be full of intrigue, so Mercury there can bring quite a lot of gossiping. Again, watch out for adverse connections with Mars and Uranus; they are the ones that can bring unexpected events and catastrophes caused by speaking things that are hidden.

If you have Mercury in the 12th House, you are able to read the other people’s movements and voice. There are definitely great abilities of becoming a psychologist, a graphologist or similar professions that combine analysis of characteristics, speech and patterns. In addition, such a person can excel in other occupations such as Speech Therapist or elsehow taking care of individuals that have mental/speech disorders.

Generally, with Mercury dwelling in the 12th house of a natal chart, a conscious individual should always have some trusted person or even a professional psychologist to speak with. This can be a great way of creating a mirror for observing himself and the functions of his mind. Such a thing can prevent any unexpected effects of harsh transits to Mercury, as usually the other person will understand possible changes in the native’s behavior and way of thinking. It is always good to have someone keep a track on you and watch your back; we should not forget that the 12th is the house of Neptune and we frequently observe in distorted ways the functions of our personal planets.

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  • Yonela Nkosi

    Most of it correct. Yes, my mercury in libra in the 12th squares my uranus in capricorn in the 3rd. I rarely let unwanted, delicate info/secrets slip because of my heavy Scorpio stellium. I don’t gossip either. I think other aspects in the natal have to be taken into account. I am also good at detecting one’s tone of voice and am able to comprehend it’s meaning. My hidden (12th) talents are poetry, writing, languages and singing and the arts (mercury) in libra (beauty, art).
    I hardly say anything to anyone UNLESS I am surrounded by like-minded individuals (Uranus in my 3rd). I also love research work 🙂 I don’t drink and don’t do drugs (Saturn in 5th trine sun)

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  • Gonji Skyfire

    I surprised that most of them are correct.

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