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Natal Mercury in the 11th House

Mercury is the planet of intellect, communication, and mental abilities. Being in the 11th house of a natal chart, it strengthens whatever has to do with group interactions, mental companionship, and friendships. In this placement, the native is naturally curious about the structures and functions of groups; this usually leads them to becoming part of such. The person with such a placement is strongly attracted to community affairs, being frequently a member of cultural organizations.

This lifelong curiosity of discovering human intelligence brings a lot of friends, who frequently come and go as Mercury is a fast moving planet. Especially if Mercury’s position is strengthened by Venus by conjunction, a lot of pleasure and joy comes through one’s friends. There is high possibility of having also the Sun in the same house, because the Sun, Mercury, and Venus are always travelling close one to the other on the celestial trail of the ecliptic. In such an occasion, the native‘s life is illuminated by his friends, and they become an important priority or even his life’s basic factor of stability.

The 9th house Mercurian personality can identify his goals and choose the correct partners to work with. He always tends to join projects that involve more than one person, where collective brainstorming can make the outcome much better than strictly personal work. Teamwork brings pleasure and the anonymity of a group helps his ideas flourish better. In case that Mercury is in a double sign like Gemini or Pisces, the native runs more than one project simultaneously, giving a brilliant mind for parallel thinking.

When Mercury is adversely afflicted, his numerous friends can be chatty, and their loyalty might be under question. This is quite natural to happen, because the amounts of acquaintances and friends can be much bigger than of an average person, and the chart owner pays little attention towards discriminating who of them are quality and who should be avoided. He rather views the mass as a whole, accepting the fact that superficial and dishonest people are naturally part of the mass too. In case that there are very difficult squares with Mars, Uranus or Pluto, the pattern of betrayal by friends is often to be observed. This by no means indicates that the native should stop opening himself towards groups; more attention should be though given to whom he chooses as the closest persons to him.

If the 11th house cusp is placed on Aquarius, the person is likely to choose volunteering or other humanitarian roads. This placement makes him an altruist, preferring to sacrifice his personal prosperity over the collective and placing efforts for building a better future society. If the cusp falls on Scorpio, he tends to be a shadier person in the groups, rather focusing on their function and other details than on the image promotion. If  the cusp falls in Aries, the person is very dynamic in fighting for the group’s ideas, dislikes slow processes and is always pushing towards speeding up the decision-making procedures.

Mercury in the 11th house makes the native care a lot about how he appears in other people’s eyes, even though they seem to not be so concerned about their real conditions. This does not happened due to some subconscious need to show off, but rather in the need to blend harmonically with the group and not feel that the eyes are turned towards them due to differences. The 11th house is also responsible for wealth, as is the 2ndand 8th. The difference with the other two houses, is that the 11th is not referring to earned money from everyday activities, nor to joint recourses of other people that the native handles. When we speak about the wealth of the 11th, it is about the big money, the permanent rise that comes once, the luck that will change the person’s life forever. 11th house wealth is activated less frequently, as it is mostly  triggered by external situations and not conscious effort of the native. There has to be a connection between the planets involved in the house, and the ruler planets or/and signs that occupy the 2nd or 8th house, in order of such a wealth rainfall to happen. Mercury here is a positive placement, allowing the native to unexpectedly prosper through publishing or public speech in general. In case of adverse aspects to Mercury, he should be careful of contracts and other legal issues which might cause problems between him and the group.

Mercury in the 11th house is a great position for people involved in jobs that have to do with recurring patterns. This would create a great journalist, an image-maker, and whatever involves describing and creating new trends. Mercury pays attention to the detail, even if this can mislead into looking at the tree and not the forest. The ability to store and compare behavioral patterns gives great ability of following sociological, ethnological or even historical sciences. Indeed, such type of minds not only can understand a lot better the whole picture of a stereotype, but can also accurately research beyond its surface. If Mercury is exalted, a scientific career in such a field would be the best professional choice.

The one thing a native should be very careful of is his tendency towards gossip. Of course, talking about others is a natural means of communication, especially if it is done kind-heartedly, and that is what most of such people feel. Their natural curiosity is making big amounts of information about other people available for them, and it is logical that some of the details are either private or not to be shared with the mass. One should be very careful of not violating the general rule of keeping his nose away from other people’s business, because this can of course come back to him. Search for square and oppositions to Mercury in your chart, to see from which houses they are casted by other planets; those would be the areas of life that you should be more careful with sensitive information. In case that Mercury is very near to the 12th  house cusp, a native has increased possibility of having access to secret information that can become even dangerous if revealed. Do not forget that the 12th house is the house of secret enemies, and especially its cusp is a very potent point of the personal chart. If your Mercury is placed there, handle your information carefully. Not only for the sake of the other person, but mostly for your own safety and well-being.

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