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Natal Mars in the 4th House

The presence of the fiery planet in the house of family can be a difficult one, as the 4th house is traditionally ruled by Cancer and the Moon. Natal Mars in the 4th house feels frustrated; this is water house and his aggressive temperament can bring upheavals to the emotional emphasis that the Moon grants to all the fourth house issues.

When a native has his natal Mars residing in the 4th house, the red planet is strongly connected with his roots, family and early childhood. This natal position can make the native be an offspring of a family who have military careers, be policemen or elsehow connected with uniforms and law enforcement. The native receives such archetypes that later in his life form a need of him being the leader of his personal “clan”, which can be both his family and more distant relatives. The struggle for a leadership role in the kin might bring out difficulties, as other members may also have the same type of character. On the other hand, such families can become very strong socially, and it is not infrequent that they collectively take part in organized crime or other illegal activities.

The native’s parents are usually very strict and authoritarian, while if Mars is adversely aspected there can be a lot of tension in the family affairs. During his childhood, he was pressured and frequently suffered quarrels between the members of his family. His parents are overprotective, while at the same moment controlling and easily angered. If the natal aspects to Mars are very adverse, the native can suffer physical abuse- especially if Pluto is somehow involved. If Mars has only good aspects, then the family will have tensions but their debates will lead to constructive decisions, even if with a lot of temperament involved.

Such people are also developing strong urges to protect their family. In case that a member of it is threatened, they will get outraged and release enormous amounts of fury towards the possible threat. A general advice to whoever has experienced a harsh Martian energy in his childhood is to try to smooth it by getting involved in athletic activities. It will be a pity if the same type of energy which harmed you while young, will harm your own offspring too. Understand that this cycle should be closed or at least softened or else the pattern will continue towards the generations to come.

One of the good things this natal placement grants to the native, is a very active and healthy old age. Mars placed there gives a robust body that refuses to age, and the person will be working out to keep it in good shape for long.

People who have Mars in the fourth house can have problems concerning real estate matters, while also can suffer injuries and have all types of accidents in their home surroundings. If you have this aspect, be very careful how you handle all objects ruled by Mars in your house. Take extreme care while using sharp knifes during cooking and while operating machinery that cuts things such as electric saws. Strangely enough, this placement gives the possibility of experiencing a fire at home, or elsehow being involved with setting fire to a building.

On the positive side, the person will feel tremendous amounts of power rising inside him, mostly connected with his roots. He might be very proud of the family’s legacy, and will use this pride for reaching his goals. He has very strong survival abilities, and will be able to fight his way out in the biggest difficulties. In addition, the impulsive energy of Mars can give a quick creation of a family and makes the native rush into decisions of making children.

In case you have this natal placement with hard aspects, seeing a psychologist might only help you in handling the anger issues that your childhood years can bring. In case that you learn to channel the Martian energy towards positive activities, this aspect will grant you with an active life and your – so important for you- family legacy will continue and make you proud.

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  • Maggie

    I have an unaspected Mars in my fourth house. And, I was involved in illegal activities as a teen. But I’m clean and straight now. Also, I burn pots and pans and set mini fires in my kitchen all the time. It’s so embarrassing. I have to set an alarm every time I use the stove now. My neighbors used to laugh at how they saw my house clouded in smoke and worry about me.

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