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Natal Mars in the 2nd House

When Mars, the red planet, is located in the second house of a natal chart, its impact mostly affects the life areas that are connected to money and possessions. Mars might be considered a malefic, and indeed functions like that if poor by placement in a sign or adversely aspected; yet if it is strong by position and well-aspected can bring a lot of wealth to the native- through hard work and a lot of effort of course. Such people are usually overly materialistic, measuring their own success and self-confidence by their belongings.

Mars is one of the most impulsive planets, and gets irritated when pressured. The individuals that have their Mars placed in the second house prefer to have their own business and actively create their money, as they do not like to work for someone else who will keep the biggest part of the gains for himself. They are hard workers; their profession is a battlefield where they want to be by any means victorious. Financial gain is for them the loots gained through this battle, and spending them is their celebration dance after the victory. As in any war, the spoils gained are not to be shared with others even if they fought together; problems can appear between them and co-workers in sharing the gains. The native’s money is spent rather quickly; Mars in the second house creates a person that usually buys things hastily.

For a man with such a placement, possessions are closely connected with his masculinity. The more he has, the more man he feels. In a woman horoscope this aspect is mostly connected with feelings of security rather than proof of being strong and raising self-confidence. A woman with such an aspect might be a lot more interested in possessing other people, especially people that are big spenders, athletic or have some type of power over the masses. They are attracted towards military men, and if Mars in the second forms an aspect with a vital planet in the seventh house a marriage with a military person is probable. The same applies if Aries is on the cusp of the 7th house, or Mars aspects the ruling planet of the 7th house.

The material goods acquired by the person who has such a placement are a fetish that they do not like to share with other people. They do not like lending their personal stuff, are possessive and adore admiring their belongings. Sometimes, they do not use their belongings themselves in order not to damage them or make them wear up. For them, what they own is a symbolical collection of moments, each material thing has also the value of the time and effort spent so that they manage to acquire it. Their impatience makes them want to gain quickly the objects they desire, so their morality can become rather flexible if the right opportunity occurs.

Another category of objects that a second house Mars adores, are weapons. These can become also objects of fetish, either through just being decorations for his walls or by using them as a hobby.  A person with such a placement might invest his money in real weapons, replicas, or even collections of war memorabilia. The native should be always careful with the local laws; having a real weapon in his house without the necessary paperwork might not end up well.

If Mars is heavily aspected by Neptune, Mercury or Pluto, there are possibilities of using non-honest ways of acquiring things. This could be by stealing, swindling or even violence, depending on the aspects and the conditions of the other planets involved in this placement. The individual might spend a lot of money on sports, either by watching them or gambling on them. The second will definitely appear if his Mars aspects some planet located in his 5th house or is otherwise somehow connected with the house.

If Mars is adversely aspected by other planets, it can also indicate loss of wealth during difficult transits. This can happen through unexpected expenses, robbery, or debt payback if there exists an opposition with some planet located in the 8th house. The individuals that have such an opposition, should keep away from receiving loans, because payback will be utterly difficult and will bring a lot of problems.

The best way to soften this placement of Mars is to engage in athletic activities. Also, trying to share your possessions and offer to other people will blunt any difficult aspects that your natal chart might have. When you allow the cumulated Martian energy to explode in controlled ways, there is less risk to harm others, and your Mars will function better, bringing you more gains. Keeping an egoistic attitude will just feed this explosive time-bomb you carry; the result will be a major uncontrolled explosion in some random moment. Try to disconnect your feelings of security from your material possessions, simulate for yourself a different environment to learn acting in different situations than the ones you try to force upon your reality, and it is guaranteed that you will live a lot more happily and appreciate what you gain. Even if you do not change your attitude towards your possessions, as this reaction is probably created in your early childhood where material things and their ownership were quite misbalanced in your perception.

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