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Natal Jupiter in the 8th House

Jupiter is the most benevolent planet, and wherever he is located is a blessing. When it is positioned in the 8th house, its positive and expansive energy affects the native’s sexual life. The 8th house is of the darkest in the native’s chart; responsible about his occult abilities, death and regeneration, inheritances and other people’s money. This placement can give tremendous powers in all these areas mentioned- and a lot more.

People who have their natal Jupiter positioned in the house of death can benefit through anything connected with death, metaphorically or literally. Usually, this natal position brings big inheritances, which will pass to the native without any problems if there are no harsh aspects falling on the grand benefic. In case that there exist squares or oppositions, the native might experience delays or disputes during the process of receiving the inheritance. This mostly happens when Mercury or Saturn are involved with an adverse aspect. If the malefic involved is Mars, there can be aggressive circumstances and quarrels with other people about the heritage, while this is also a significator of spending the received wealth quickly or elsehow losing it.

The 8th house rules the marriage partner’s money, and such a placement definitely indicates a wealthy spouse. In addition, this placement helps in getting loans from banks or other individuals, as the 8th house rules other people’s money. In case that your Jupiter is well aspected, you should not worry about such kind of issues. On the contrary, if the aspects falling on it are difficult ones, be very careful. You will get the loan anyway, but you might not be able to return it, or you will spend it quickly and on things that you do not really need. An adversely aspected Jupiter can signify legal disputes and generally problems with the law, concerning money received from the bank, the government or another individual.

Natives with Jupiter in the 8th house consider sex as a very important priority of their lives. They are very active sexually and reach high levels of pleasure. With certain partners their erotic life will be very spiritual, and the union of their bodies an everyday death and rebirth experience. This aspect makes sex be a lot more than just an activity: It is mysticism in its pure form. The two partners stop existing as separate beings during this act of union and transcend into oneness, being capable of entering the other realms together.

On the other hand, when the native does not have a stable partner, Jupiter will give him a lot of quality sex with various partners. As Jupiter is the planet of expansion, and if not obstructed he will expand beyond limits, it is wise to not overindulge into unnecessary activities. The problem with Jupiter is usually having “too much of something”, and the native should guard himself to not lose the magic of sex by spending too much energy and time on meaningless carnal pleasures.

Jupiter placed in the 8th house tends to give a strong interest in matters concerning life after death and the occult. The native will be highly intuitive, has psychic abilities and can excel in studying the forbidden and secret arts. The benefic planet brings protection from psychic attacks, high leveled perception of the meanings of life and death and a good glimpse of the greater picture. The native’s spiritual growth never stops and he obtains the status of the wise holder of secrets in the eyes of the other people. Such kind of people can even reach levels of losing any fear towards death and laugh at his grim face.

As the 8th house also rules the native’s own death, having the grand benefic placed inside signifies a peaceful and pleasant departure from this world. This usually happens due to natural causes, in the native’s favorite surroundings and rather late in life. His passage towards the other realms is harmonic, and he might even subconsciously understand when it will happen and get prepared for it.

This is an overall wonderful placement, in a house that can be considered of the most difficult in a natal chart. Most people are usually feeling uncomfortable with the 8th house issues, whether it is sexual taboos, the unknown, death or dealing with other people’s money. Jupiter here definitely helps in having a totally different approach to all these issues, which even by itself is life-altering. A person with such a natal Jupiter does not really need advice on these issues, except for the general suggestion to keep an eye on Jupiter in case of over-expansion.

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