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Natal Jupiter in the 7th House

When Jupiter, the grand benefic, is placed in the 7th house of the natal chart the native will receive the planet’s benevolent energy in all issues concerning unions and partnerships. This is a particularly good natal placement, especially in women charts; they might make their dream of a wonderful marriage a reality. The same thing applies for men; nevertheless they might be more interesting in using this natal position for successful business partnerships.

As the 7th house is ruling the marriage in one’s natal chart, there will be definitely at least one marriage in the native’s life. Jupiter, as the planet of expansion, can even give multiple ones; this is more prominent when the planet resides in some bicorporal sign such as Gemini, Sagittarius or Pisces. The wife or husband might have strong Sagittarius characteristics or a very powerful Jupiter in his/her natal chart. The marriage partner is frequently wealthy or an authority figure, while sometimes can also be fatter/bigger than the average person. Usually, Jupiter in the 7th house gives a spouse with a good sense of humor, is kindhearted and helps the native a lot in all areas of his life.

Jupiter illuminates the whole life of the individual through bonding with their significant other. Usually, the marriage ceremony itself is phantasmagorical and a lot of money is spent on it. There will be a great number of people present, and the atmosphere will be utterly joyful. The spouse is usually religious or elsehow involved in the higher spheres of philosophy. If Jupiter is in Sagittarius or the 9th house cusp is located in this fiery sign, then the native will marry a partner from another country or a different cultural background

Jupiter in the 7th house is the best placement for becoming a negotiator. The person who has such a natal aspect has great diplomatic skills, managing to build bridges even between enemies. They also have the magical ability of turning their own enemies to friends, and turning them into rewarding relations for both. Their charm and smile can tear down most walls that other people build around them. This natal position of Jupiter is the best for co-operating with other people. It favors building business partnerships and can bring a lot of gains through contract or legal affairs in general.

The native’s profession can be strongly associated with some kind of mediation or lobbying, especially if Jupiter is connected with the 10th house or trining a planet placed in that house. This placement helps getting benefits from others without a lot of personal effort, just by being part of a structured business and having a passive role which generates income.

As Jupiter is ruling teachers, gurus or other influential figures, when it is located in the house of bonding there are possibilities of meeting such a mentor. The individual will be in a deep relation with him and receive a lot of inspiration for his personal evolution. Sometimes, this mentor will be the native’s spouse; in this occasion there will be tremendous admiration of him. The mentor figure will play a life-changing role in the native’s life and his benevolent and charitable character will have a permanent influence on the individual.

Jupiter in the 7th house will push the native to also get involved in charity; nevertheless the humanitarian offer to the society will not be done in person. Jupiter in the 7th house usually gives publicity in such benevolent actions, and most of the times through being a member of some type of organization, not through private initiative.

An overall great placement; the only thing that people who have it should take care of is not get into over-expenses for a wedding ceremony, or to not over-indulge in getting married a lot of times! Nevertheless, even when Jupiter is adversely aspected in this house, he will not bring real problems to the native.

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  • Jonathan Thomas

    Extremely accurate, I have Jupiter here and now realize how important marriage is for us.

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  • Ankita

    Perfect n nicely explain:)

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  • Teresa Jones

    Really love your articles – so glued to your website. Could you please do articles on planets in signs. I have Jupiter RX at 0 degrees Leo, right on the 7th house cusp – any thoughts? In the 9th house is Pluto in Libra. Thanks 🙂

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  • Teresa Jones

    Requesting you to do articles on Transitting planets & their effect according to houses & aspects to natal planets. Thank you!

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  • aradhana

    hi xaos how r u .. i am the gemini womem and jupiter is in 7 th house in my chart. i read ur article. … all. things are perfect. but my question is that i am not getting success in job . plz help me. .and i am also feeling emotionally weak .. plz give me the solution. .. thanks

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