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List of Herbs and Their Magickal Properties

This article is meant more to be a resource rather than anything. It will contain an extensive list of herbs and their magickal properties. Some of the herbs listed are unsafe to eat and you should use each with care and respect.

Acacia – The flowers work well for divination as well as for use in love magick and for trance.

Agrimony – Great for issues with sleep as well as for protection.

Allspice – Used in magick for money, luck, and healing.

Aloe – Guards against accidents, as well as brings luck and protection.

Althea Root – Helps advance psychic powers and protects.

Ambergris – Used in magick of wrath and vengeance as well as corresponding with others psychically.

Angelica – For works regarding exorcisms, protection, and healing. Increases psychic visions.

Anise – Protects, purifies, and keeps youthful.

Apple – Used in love magick when infused with water, orgasmic energy, sexual and heart chakra energy, and sexual fluids.

Arrowroot – Entices love, works in exorcisms, increases psychic powers.

Asafoetida – Protects, purifies, and exorcises.

Astragalus Root – Entices love, works in exorcisms, increases psychic powers.

Ash – Prosperity-securing wands and use in works regarding death magick can be made from this wood.

Balm of Gilead – Entices love, manifestations, protects, and heals.

Basil – Entices love, exorcises, brings wealth, assists in flights, and protects.

Bayberry – Brings money and luck.

Bayleaves – Protect, increase psychic powers, heal, purify, and strengthen.

Benzoin (Benzoin Gum) – Purifies and brings prosperity. Great for use in seances and incantations, as well as for love magick.

Birch – Wands can be made for use in vengeance/punishment spells.

Black Cohosh – Protects.

Black Copal – Entices love and courage. Protects and potentates.

Blessed Thistle – Protects, heals, and strengthens.

Bloodroot – Entices love, protects, and purifies.

Boneset – Protects and exorcises.

Broom Tops – Purifies and protects. Works with wind spells and divination.

Burdock – Used in protection and healing spells.

Calamus Root – Brings luck, healing, money, and protection.

Calendula – Heals, increases psychic powers, entices prophetic dreams, and assists in legal matters.

Casacara Segranda – Assists in legal matters, money, and protection.

Catnip – For use in cat magick, entices love, beauty, and happiness. Used as a relaxant for psychic work.

Cayenne – Brings fidelity, breaks hexes, and entices love.

Cedar – Heals, protects, and purifies. Brings forth money. Works in spells of vengeance.

Celandine – Protects, helps in escapes, and breaks bindings.

Chamomile – Brings forth money, assists in sleep, love, and purification.

Cinnamon Powder – Protects, exorcises, entices love, and brings forth money.

Cinquefoil – Brings forth money and protection. Assists and sleep and prophetic dreaming.

Civet – Great incense for psychic workings.

Clove – Protects, exorcises, entices love, and brings forth money.

Colts Foot – Entices love and visions.

Coriander – When burnt as an incense, helps to infuriate the mind for black magick.

Comfrey – Heals, grants safety in travel, and brings forth money.

Cypress – Oil and incence can be used in revenge spells and psychic workings.

Damiana – Entices lust, love, and visions. Dandelion – Works in divination, wishes, and the calling of spirits.

Dill (Seed) – Protects, brings forth money, entices love and lust. Provokes others to come to terms.

Dragon’s Blood – The perfume of aggression. Used to cause torment, in spells of wrath and in spells of inciting lust.

Dragon’s Wort – Connected with Sirius. Induces a trance state when drunk. Works well in psychic works and divination.

Echinacea – Works in strengthening spells.

Elder Flower – Exorcises, protects, heals, helps with sleep, and brings prosperity.

Elecampane – Entices love, protects, and increases psychic powers.

Eucalyptus – Heals and protects.

Evening Primrose – Protects and entices love.

Fennel – Burning the incense infuriates the mind for destructive magick. The seed works to protect, heal, and purify.

Fenugreek – Attracts money.

Feverfew – Protects, especially against sickness, accidents, and hysteria.

Frankincense – Protects, exorcises, and helps with overall spirituality.

Galangal – Protects, entices lust, increases health, attracts money, and increases psychic powers.

Garlic – Protects, entices lust, heals, and protects against theft.

Ginger Root – Attracts love, money, success, and power.

Ginko – Grants longevity and assists in issues regarding fertility.

Ginseng (Panax) – Balsam and oils when used as a rub are great for communication with spirits, visualization,

divination, inducing a state of trance, and works of creativity.

Goldenrod – Assists in divination and attracts money.

Golden Seal – Heals and attracts money.

Gota Kola – Assists in meditation.

Grains of Paradise – Entices lust and love, attracts luck, and assists in wishes.

Guar Gum – Used as a base in incenses.

Gum Arabic – Purification

Hawthorn Berries – Assists in issues regarding fertility, castity, fishing magick, and happiness.

Henna – Relieves headaches, attracts love, and protects from illness.

Hellebore (Black) – Herb of torment. Incites aggression and anger for workings of wrath. Can be used as a sachet mix.

Hellebore (Green) – Most powerful Hellebore.

Hellebore (White) – Same as Black Hellebore, but can also be burnt as an incense. Hemlock – Great for anointing

talismans for destructive magick. As an incense, it can enrage the mind.

Hibiscus Flowers – Encites lust and loves, and assists in divination.

High John the Conquerer – Attracts money, love, success, and happiness.

Honeysuckle – Attracts money, increases psychic powers, and protects.

Hops – Relaxes for psychic works and helps with inducing a trance state.

Horehound – Protects, increases mental powers, and exorcises.

Horny Goat Weed – Aphrodisiac, assists in sex magick and dominates the male energies.

Hyssop – Purifies and protects.

Irish Moss – Attracts money, luck, and protection.

Jasmine – Attracts love, money, and prophetic dreams.

Jobs Tears – Heals, helps grant wishes, and attracts luck.

Juniper Berries – Protects, especially against theft. Attracts love, exorcises, and positive health.

Kava Kava – Visions, brings protection, and luck.

Knotweed – Binds, and increases overall health.

Lady’s Mantle – Attracts love.

Lavender – Attracts love, protects, assists in sleep, castity, and peace.

Lemon Balm and Lemon Peel – Assists in longevity, purification, love, and friendship.

Lemon Verbene – Purifies and attracts love.

Lemongrass – Repels snakes, entices lust, and increases psychic powers.

Licorice Root – Increases longevity and health. Also heals.

Life Everlasting – Increases longevity and health. Also heals.

Lobella – Herb of hail storms; attracts love.

Lovage – Attracts love.

Mace – Increases psychic and mental powers.

Mandrake – Protects, assists in the areas of fertility, money, love, and health. The most powerful for use in all kinds

of magick. The poisonous type is the most powerful root in love magick and is supposedly the most dangerous for the


Marigold – Grants dreams of a thief when used as a sachet.

Marjoram – Protects, attracts love, happiness, positive health, and money.

Meadowsweet – Assists in divination, attracts love, peace, and happiness.

Mistletoe – Protects, attracts love, exorcises, assists with fertility and hunting.

Mugwort – Strengthens, increases psychic powers, grants prophetic dreams, and assists in astral projection.

Mullen – Grants courage, protects, attracts love, and assists in divination.

Musk – Powerful aphrodisiac.

Mustard Seed – Assists in fertility, protects, and increases mental powers.

Myrrh Gum – Protects, exorcises, heals, and assists in overall general spirituality.

Nettle Leaf – Exorcises, protects, heals, and entices lust.

Nutmeg – Oil can be rubbed into the temples for psychic work, concentration, and memory. Attracts luck, money,

positive health, and fertility.

Oak Moss – Protects, potentates, attracts money and positive health, and heals.

Orange Peel – Attracts love, luck, and money. Assists in divination.

Oregon Grape – Brings money and prosperity.

Orris Root – Attracts love and protection. Assists in divination.

Osha Root – Purifies and Protects.

Passion Flower – Attracts peace, sleep, and friendship.

Patchouli – Attracts money, assists in fertility, and entices lust.

Pennyroyal – Strengthens, protects, and attracts peace.

Peppermint – Purifies, heals, assists in sleep, attracts love, and increases psychic powers.

Pine – Good for summoning woodland spirits and elementals. Resin can be used in lust or vengeance works.

Red Clover – Protects, attracts love, money, and success. Brings forth fidelity and exorcises.

Rose – Attracts love, increases psychic powers, heals, helps with love divination, increases love, and protects. Adds

passion to the working.

Rosemary – Protects, increases mental powers, and entices love and lust.

Rue – Heals, attracts positive health and love, and increases mental powers. Causes torment when stuffed into a

poppet of a hated one.

Safflower – Attracts love and happiness. Heals and assists in wind raising.

Sage – Helps grant immortality, longevity, wisdom, protection, and wishes. Relaxes the mind for psychic work, but

also heightens senses and concentration.

Sandalwood (Red) – Protects, heals, exorcises, assists in general spirituality, and dominates the male energies.

Sandalwood (Yellow) – Protects, heals, exorcises, assists in general spirituality, and dominates the female


Sassafras Root – Rules health and money.

Scullcap – Works with love, fidelity, and peace.

Shepherd’s Purse – Protects.

Slippery Elm – Stops gossip.

Solomon’s Seal Root – Protects and exorcises.

Spearmint – Works with healing, love, and mental powers.

Spikenard Root – Assists in the areas of fidelity and health.

St. John’s Work – Assists in the areas of health, protection, strength, and love divination.

Star Anise – Rules psychic powers and luck.

Storax – Used in spells of revenge, enmity, ill will, and separation.

Strawberry – Fantastic for love and lust spells.

Sulphur – Exorcises, banishes, and protects.

Tansy – Grants health and longevity.

Thyme – Rules health, healing, sleep, increases psychic powers, attracts love, purifies, and rules courage.

Tonka Beans – Attract love, money, courage, and grants wishes.

Uva Ursi – Assists in psychic workings.

Valerian – Attracts love, assists in sleep, purifies, and protects.

Vanilla Beans – Entices love and lust. Rules the monetal powers.

Vervain – Attracts love, protection, purification, peace, money, and youth. Assists in the areas of chastity, sleep, and

healing. Works very well in love and lust magick. The scent increases sexual arousal.

Vetiver – Attracts love, breaks hexes, prevents theft, and rules money.

Violet – Protects, entices love and lust. Grants luck and wishes, as well as peace and healing.

White Copal – Attracts love and purifies.

White Oak Bark – Rules health, money, potency, luck, and healing.

White Willow Bark – Assists in love divination, attracts love, protects, and heals.

Witch Hazes – Protects and chastises.

Wood Betony – Protects, purifies, and attracts love.

Worm Wood – Rules courage and love. Increases psychic power and exorcises. Can be burnt to summon the

dead. The balsam is great for wrath and revenge. Induces strong dreams.

Yarrow – Grants courage and protection. Assists in love divination.

Yellow Duck Root – Heals, increases fertility, and attracts money.

Yerba Santa – Rules beauty, healing, increases psychic powers, and protects.

About the Author:

Kenneth is a philosopher as well as the founder of Free-Spirited Mind. He specializes in modernized spellcraft and other forms of occultism, and bears no responsibility based upon what is done with the methodologies depicted in his articles.