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Lilith in the 8th House

Before exploring the attributes of Lilith in the 8th house, we should mention that the article is about Black Moon Lilith. Thus, we should distinguish this mathematical point of alignment from the asteroid Lilith, and also from Dark Moon Lilith, which is calculated in a different way.  Most astrologers, websites, programs and ephemeris calculate and use Black Moon Lilith.

Lilith is not a planet and is not a material object. It is the hypothetical point connected to the apogee of the Moon’s orbit, the farthest spot from Earth that the Moon can reach. The Moon is not orbiting Earth in a circle but in an ellipse, and thus this calculation shows the astrological degree in the signs where when the Moon transits is more distant from our planet.

Black Moon Lilith is a rather obscure point of an individual’s natal chart. This topographical extreme of the Moon makes emotion and sentiments hit a low and show their cold side, and the placement of this mathematical spot signifies quite a lot of doubtful or even negative behaviors. Under one’s Lilith can hide subconscious energies of malice and self-undoing, yet it would be wrong to consider her as something mostly negative.

Having Lilith in the 8th can complicate an individual’s sexual expression. It may be connected with disharmonic memories the person has concerning sexuality, obtained in his childhood. This does not imply sexual harassment, but the native probably has experienced the darker parts of sexuality even as an idea since he was young. He might have (accidentally) watched movies that show extreme sexual scenes. Alternatively, he may have been raised in environments where sex was described as rough and cruel. As the young person’s mind is a sponge, he absorbs those information deep in the subconscious, categorizing sex as a rather traumatic experience.

Such a native connects sex with death, and this is what the 8th house is all about. For him, sex is a strong simulation of death. Death can many times be violent, and those darker shades are also passed towards his sexuality. An 8th house Lilith person will enjoy extreme games and BDSM, while sometimes reach even cruelty in bed. Lilith can bring fantasies of pain, torture, humiliation or even rape. It awakens the beast, the animalistic sexual depths that do not allow the flourishing of emotions. They will never indulge in having vanilla sexual relationships; they prefer everything that is rough and animalistic.

In addition, the secrecy that the 8th house offers combined with the dark powers of Lilith will give them tendencies of unfaithfulness. On the contrary, they will not tolerate their partner being unfaithful; discreet spying and checking might be easily a technique they will use to control him. Sex can become for them an uncontrolled obsession, and their affairs will be rather cruel from both sides concerning feelings. On the other hand it will strengthen the carnal pleasure to a maximum, with both them and their partners enjoying very intense situations.

With Lilith in the 8th house, an individual can become a sexual manipulator. He likes to control the desires of his partners, and feed on their sexuality. In extreme cases and with Lilith having malefic aspects, the native will become a sexual vampire. The person’s sexual drive is so magical that other people find it rather difficult to defend. An 8th house Lilith person can be compared to a Siren; singing her beautiful and seductive song to the sailors – yet being a dangerous creature that can devour.

As the 8th house is the realm of Pluto, Lilith’s presence feeds the desire of owning other people’s possessions. We should not forget that the house is ruling other people’s money, and such a placement can also indicate a person that enjoys using resources of his partners. Again, in some extreme cases, this can be part of a plan. Ever heard of Black Widows, female spiders? Well, if there is a placement that can describe them, this is it! The 8th house rules death inheritance, and Lilith would easily drive such a person to wait for someone to die in order to obtain his wealth. An ill-aspected Lilith will impose difficulties in receiving the inheritance, and generally unpleasant and dramatic situations concerning death. There is high possibility that a death during the natives childhood has created such a traumatic pattern that will continue to reappear.

8th house Lilith creates a mystical persona, and makes the chart owner rather secretive. On the other hand, the house of Pluto and Scorpio makes them particularly strong in uncovering secrets of others. Their powerful abilities are what makes them afraid that their own secrets will be uncovered by similar people, thus leading them to become over-protective about their own sensitive information.

Of course, we should keep in mind that a well-aspected Lilith does not bear all that darkness. With such aspects, the person will just have enormous sexuality, and can even use it for healing. In addition, the native will have a lot of occult powers, and is advised to be careful with their implementation. Due to the fact that Lilith carries a lot of dark energy, he might feel tempted to cause malice even without a reason. In case you have such a natal placement, it is better to abstain from all types of magic until you consciously know what you use and what type of effects you want it to have on other people and you.

A person with Lilith in this house will battle with inner fears of failing in matters connected with the 8th house. The fear of death will make him use symbolical simulations of death. This is a procedure which most of the times happens unconsciously; the soul is preparing itself for the grand passage through small doses of symbolic deaths during all its lifetime.

Be extremely careful of people that have their 8th house Lilith conjuncting Pluto or Mars, or any difficult aspects of her to the malefics. In case you have such placements, consider giving love a chance in your life. It is many times the absence of love that transforms a tender person to a vicious beast.

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  • shane

    hi. i have mars moon lilith conjunction in the 8th. all are trine the ascendant… and yeah. this article is very true.. all about the pentration (have mercury trine pluto also) and sexual urge is there… but i have a question. what will lilith trine asc do?

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  • Nouf

    lilith in the 9th house, please.
    I really enjoy reading you articles..

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  • karen

    So glad I found your blog! The articles are both interesting and insightful.
    I’m very interested in Lilith. I have a yod pointing to 8th house Lilith from Mercury and North Node in my natal chart. Coincidentally, Lilith is conjunct Pluto natally, too. Yes, I have quite a lot of stuff to unpack :O

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  • Sunshine

    My Sun , Moon , Mercury , Venus and Lilith are in the 8th house , I just finished reading the articles about it and well … I’m not sure what I was thinking when I came to earth with that configuration , considering my north node is in the 4th house . Any opinion is welcome. 🙂

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