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Introduction to Energy Manipulation

Energy is influenced by one’s very thoughts. Therefore, it can be controlled directly via one’s Will. This is the main thing to understand about Energy Manipulation. As one advances, the practitioner should begin to gain larger understandings of energy typologies and states of flow. To begin with one must emotionally accept the fact that if they will energy to move, then it moves. There are four basic things one must do that are essential to the manipulation of energies towards any given goal. These steps are Gather, Program, Direct and Release. The energy must come from somewhere, so one must extract and collect it for any given source. It must then be programmed to do your will. It must then be directed towards the person or event you wish to influence. Finally, after being aimed, it must be sent forth. This is the releasing.

The first step is gathering. To gather one must first select an energy source. Since everything is made of energy, finding a source is easy. Anything and everything is an energy source. For best results, one should select the correct source which has an abundance of the type of energy best suited for the job at hand. One should keep in mind element and color here. When taking the energy, store it in your aura. The only difference here is never to take in grey energy, the energies of decay! If you’re gathering that, simply carry it around with you as far away from your aura as possible. Note that during this part of the process, you may even be able to feel the energy. It may come in as a tingling sensation, pressure, static, magnetism and even feel like the qualities of the specific type of energy you’re bringing in. With time, your abilities to sense the energy will increase.

The next two steps are programming and directing the energy you’ve gathered. Programming is an extremely important step. The energy you’ve gathered must now be infused with your will. You’ve already learned that energy moves when your will demands it. Now know that energy can also be programmed to have specific effects. See the energy itself being infused with the qualities of carrying out your desire. After you’ve programmed your intent into the energy, the next step is to direct this energy. Consider this the aiming portion of energy manipulation. See your target, be it a person, environment or event. Know that this is what you’re trying to influence, so that all your energy will be sent to this target. This part is mainly to focus your own mind on the target more so than the energy itself.

The final step is to release the energy into the environment to do your will. Once aimed, the only thing left to do is shoot. See the energy as leaving you and going all the way to your target or target environment. Control how forceful the release is! If it needs some power behind it, give it some force! If you’re trying to do a gentle healing, make the flow gentle and slow. Use your own intuition here. You may be able to feel the energy leaving you. It may even leave you feeling hollow and drained. Know that the energy goes for to form reality around your own Will. The act is done.

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Shadow is our secondary leading occult author and head Reverend of the Church of the Free-Spirited Satanist.
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    pls I need more tips on programming energy unlike witches like me that don’t really cast spells I draw energy from the earth or foremost my own body but got a little problem using it for most spiritual activities like shapeshifting, or projection with my mind thanks

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