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The first step in being initiated into Obeah is to …

Comment on Initiation into Obeah by Kenneth McKrish.

The first step in being initiated into Obeah is to find an Obeah priest or priestess. This can be done by several means: joining online groups specialising in hoodoo or obeah (Hoodoo groups almost always have Obeah priests in them) and making contact with an Obeah priest there or physically seeking such priests/priestesses in your area by looking around your area or looking up various occult resources (e.g. hoodoo/obeah occult stores, websites etc.). When you make contact with the priest or priestess, you would need to indicate to him or her that you want to be initiated into Obeah, and he or she will then start to teach you about the religion and to allow you to assist him or her in the preparation of rituals to the various spirits. The Obeah priest/priestess is the person who will advise you whether or not the spirits accept you, as they are the entities who will assess and judge your level of sincerity, devotion, and reverence in honoring them.

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