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Initiation into Obeah

Initiation into the Obeah religion is always determined by the Obeah spirits and undertaken by the Obeah priest or priestess. If there is no spiritual calling, then there can be no initiation. The spirits of Obeah are those who determine the prospective initiate’s sincerity, love and devotion to the path and anyone can be initiated, regardless of religion, culture, gender, nationality etc.

Obeah is a secret religion. It is not one that is widely spoken of, nor is it a path that is easily accessible to everyone. Initiation thus does not result in the instant ability to cast Obeah spells. Like all occult paths, spell casting is the result of years of study, practice and patience but it is a beginning. To be initiated is simply the first step towards learning how to command and control the Obeah spirits and to use their power in Obeah rituals and spells.

Obeah initiation can be done either in person or astrally.

Requirements of Obeah Initiation in Person

Obeah Initiation in Person is a one-day process. Once accepted by the spirits, an appointment is made with the Priest who takes the prospective initiate to his home for the preparation of the ritual. The ritual usually takes a complete 24-hour period for the Priest and Novice to go through the steps in detail.

Requirements of Obeah Initiation Astrally

Obeah Initiation astrally requires the same 24-hour preparation period. However, unlike the face-to-face initiation process, the initiate must spend this period in complete solitude, apart from his or her communication with the Obeah priest. The ritual items must be acquired by the prospective initiate based on a list provided by the priest, who is also responsible for giving detailed instructions for the execution of the actual initiation process.

Important Points:

It is important in both the face-to-face and astral initiation processes for the novice to be focused at all times, and fully prepared to go through in detail the stages and rituals required at the appropriate times.

After being initiated into the path, it is the role of the Obeah priest to then provide guidance and resources for study and practice of the rites and rituals. It is the role of the new initiate, however, to take charge of his/her spiritual destiny and growth after initiation by making the necessary time to study and practice.

Initiation into Obeah is not complicated but it requires focus – whether done in person or via distance. No one can ever “fail” an Obeah initiation, because before the initiation, the spirits determine whether the prospective initiate was accepted or not, and if accepted, then the spirits provide guidance in performing the rituals accurately. Faith, however, is essential.

In many cases the spirits do reject people. Obeah is not for everyone and no one should feel offended if they are not accepted as a candidate but non-acceptance is known long before the step to initiation is taken.

The vast majority of Obeah practices and rituals were communicated orally and kept as highly guarded secrets. Any man or woman can learn Obeah but it cannot be self-taught. It must commence with initiation, which is the key element of connection to the Obeah spirits who we would be working with, as a person cannot work with the energy, currents and rituals of Obeah without the proper initiation and instruction. To attempt to do so would either result in failure or disaster.

Initiation on the whole, has three steps to be followed:

Step 1

Determine if you are spiritually suited for Obeah. There are specific spirits with whom we work who must consent to work with you. If they reject you then you cannot practice Obeah. This is why it is said that no man chooses Obeah – Obeah chooses you. Hence to be initiated, you must be approved of by the spirits.

Step 2

Receive initiation into Obeah in order to link your mind, soul and spirit with the currents of Obeah. Initiation guarantees one’s acceptance by the spirits as one of their own and also unlocks the “spiritual doors” for you.

Step 3

Begin studying, learning and practicing Obeah under the guidance of a priest or priestess, who is sometimes, but not always the same person who would have initiated you.  It is necessary to remain close to your mentor as initiation also makes you spiritually vulnerable and your new spiritual vitality and power must be controlled.

After Initiation

The spirits of Obeah are multi-cultural, as was described in my first article, “The History of Obeah”. There are both benevolent and malicious spirits which can be traditionally African, Dutch, Hindu, and Spanish etc. and there are also similar spirits to those found in European or Kabbalistic grimoires, although their true origins are in Mesopotamia and Egypt.

Like magick, there are “black” and “white” aspects of Obeah which are controlled and commanded. Thus, Karma, for instance, can also be manipulated and hexes, curses and “evil” spells can also be done by requesting and commanding spirits to our will. Both dark powers as well as light powers must be developed as every spirit has both dark and light, good and evil aspects.

Initiation into obeah also results in being easily found by all spirits – your guardians as well as benevolent and malevolent spirits. Hence, the need for the new initiate to remain close to his Obeah priest or priestess in order to guarantee guidance and protection of his or her new spiritual power from malevolent spirits seeking “new power”.

Obeah is really a path for solitary practitioners who work and develop their spirituality alone. Obeah priests and priestesses almost always work alone, or in some cases as partners. There are no Obeah covens. Traditionally, Obeah has been hereditary, with parents teaching children. It is a path which is not limited to any ethnicity or nationality and following an Obeah path does not exclude you from following other religions. The most important factors are true faith and belief. An Obeah priest or priestess is thus the complete master of his or her destiny.


About the Author:

Shalini has been initiated into the honour and worship of Kali and other dark Tamil Hindu deities for the past three years. She is also a LaVeyan Satanist and a follower of Santeria and the Caribbean spiritualist occult path of Obeah, which is a mixture of folk magic and spiritualism.
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    I would like to be initiated into Obeah. How do I know or how will I know if the spirits accept me? Also, if I am accepted; how do I go about finding a priest or priestess to initiate me? Unfortunately, the one I knew growing up I’ve lost contact with.

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    • The first step in being initiated into Obeah is to find an Obeah priest or priestess. This can be done by several means: joining online groups specialising in hoodoo or obeah (Hoodoo groups almost always have Obeah priests in them) and making contact with an Obeah priest there or physically seeking such priests/priestesses in your area by looking around your area or looking up various occult resources (e.g. hoodoo/obeah occult stores, websites etc.). When you make contact with the priest or priestess, you would need to indicate to him or her that you want to be initiated into Obeah, and he or she will then start to teach you about the religion and to allow you to assist him or her in the preparation of rituals to the various spirits. The Obeah priest/priestess is the person who will advise you whether or not the spirits accept you, as they are the entities who will assess and judge your level of sincerity, devotion, and reverence in honoring them.

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