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How To: Raise Energy for Magickal Workings

The key of all magickal workings is the ability to raise, manipulate, and direct energy. Before we can learn to properly cast a spell or make a connection, we must first learn how to raise our bioelectricity so that we have something to work with. There are many ways to raise your energy levels. A few methods I use to raise energy have been described below:

Power Breathing – This is the act of consciously breathing in energy, with each breath not only filling the lungs with oxygen, but the light body with pure energy. To do this, practice deep diaphragm breathing. Breathe in through your nose slowly (to the count of 5 for beginners), allowing the energy of the universe to enter your body and circulate, building stronger and stronger with each breath. Breathe out through the mouth with the same count you inhaled with. Pause for the defined count. Repeat the process until a sufficient amount of energy has been built up to work with. The energy you will be feeling will be malleable and perfect for manipulation and direction.

Absorption – In order to absorb energy, one must become present, usually through power breathing and meditation, and feel the energy of the universe that surrounds them. Then, taking a few shallow breaths and one deep breath, as deep as possible, visualizing and willing the energy surrounding them to absorb into their light body like a vacuum by medium of the aura.

Emotional Focus – Emotional energy is the most powerful. One can raise their energy levels by meditating on their emotions, allowing them to strengthen in power.  Feel the physical aspects of the emotion. Concentrate on them. Allow them to develop and circulate throughout the entire body. This type of energy-raising is best for emotion-related spellcasting, such as for casting spells of binding love, or curses of illness or death. Music that makes you feel a certain way can be a great way to streamline this method of raising energy.

Psychic Feeding – Although highly unrecommended, another way to gain energy is by feeding off the energies of others. Doing so makes one considered a ‘psychic vampire’ of a kind. I will write another article in regard to this form of energy raising in the near future, as it deserves a lot more detail than just a basic explanation and instructional.

Rune and Name Vibration – There are certain runes and names, that when vibrated, generate powerful amounts of energy. While rune vibration is not for the novice occultist, a great name to vibrate for beginners is that of Thoth. To vibrate Thoth, one would deeply inhale, make an o with their mouth and slowly vibrate T-T-T-T-T-T-H-H-H-H-H-H-O-O-O-O-O-O-T-T-T-T-T-T-H-H-H-H-H-H, making the ‘TH’ and ‘O’ sounds at the same time, effectively creating a vibration of the name.

About the Author:

Kenneth is a philosopher as well as the founder of Free-Spirited Mind. He specializes in modernized spellcraft and other forms of occultism, and bears no responsibility based upon what is done with the methodologies depicted in his articles.
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