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Grounding and Shielding

In the realm of energy manipulation practitioners often come into contact with less than desirable energies. Negative energies can have negative effects on our physical, mental and spiritual health. Even too much of a positive energy can throw us off balance, leading to many unhealthy symptoms. Thankfully there are some methods to counteract these imbalances. The physical, mental and spiritual aspects of our selves are all interconnected. When one area suffers it can cause symptoms in another, and mending one area can help alleviate symptoms in the others. This article will be going over the metaphysical approach to helping balance out the energies in your subtle body.

The first technique that should be gone over is grounding. Grounding is when you connect to something which helps pull out undesirable or extra energy in your system. The most common source for this is the Earth itself. The Earth has a natural Yin energy, which pulls in and transmutes energy. Therefore, it is the perfect source to use as a means of recycling the energies within you which would only be of a personal disservice to contain. There are several methods that will allow you to have a successful grounding. The most simple of which is to simply will your Aura to do the work. To make it more successful, and really clear out your entire system, it’s often best to incorporate your Root and Feet Chakras.

To do this, focus on your Root Chakra and visualize a root coming down from it. Also visualize roots coming from your Feet Chakra. See these roots as going deep into the Earth’s surface. Be sure to keep in mind the basics of energy manipulation, being that what you visualize you must also Will to happen. Will these roots deep within the Earth, and see the Earth’s Yin energy entering you. Realize that you are now connected with the Earth on a metaphysical level. As it enters you, see it absorbing all that energy which you wish to release. Once you feel it’s absorbed the excess energy see the Earth’s energy as being reabsorbed into the Earth itself. As it does this, it takes with it all the energy it’s absorbed with it. You have now successfully grounded yourself. It’s very beneficial to do a grounding excessive once and a while. It reestablishes your connection to the Earth and allows it to naturally clear out those energies you don’t wish to contain.

Now that you’ve learned how to clear out the energies you don’t wish to contain, we should now go over the process of ensuring such energies have a harder time getting in you in the first place. This process is known as shielding. There are a great many techniques of shielding, many of which actually do different things. In general, however, it’s putting an extra layer over your Aura. To do this, focus on your Aura as generating energy at its very border. See this energy as thickening, becoming impervious to outside energy getting in. See it as solidifying so that it doesn’t dissipate too quickly. It will dissipate over time, so it’s often necessary to reestablish your shield. However, once you see your Aura as being surrounded by a sturdy outer border, the process is complete.

Now it was mentioned that there are many different shielding processes one can perform. Many times this is an augmentation to the technique described above. One example is not only seeing the shield as being sturdy, but also see it as becoming like a mirror. This is excellent against curses, as it can be programmed to send the curse back to the one that cast it. Another method is to add elemental properties to it. A shield of Earth energy will be much harder, while a shield of Fire can burn and purify external energy attempting to make its way inside of you. You can also use a Chakra to empower your shield. The best Chakra for this is your Solar Plexus, or 3rd Chakra.

Also, there are ways to make the dissipation of your shield slower as well as increase its effectiveness. This includes connecting your shield to a specific source of energy, such as elemental energy. One such method is combining the process of grounding with your shield itself. See your shields as being of an Earth energy, and as being ever connected to the Earth. This has two effects, albeit you must make the effort to program your shield efficiently enough. The first effect is you may program your shield to continually pull in the energy it needs to keep its form and usefulness. The second is in redirecting the energy. Instead of making your shield withstand the brunt of an energetic force, one may simply redirect the energy from you to the earth. Since your shield is already connected to the earth and thus grounded, as it absorbed the undesirable energy in may be programmed to send it straight to the Earth for recycling.

The grounding is pretty straight forward, however only practice will show what works best for yourself. As for shielding, there are many ways to create, augment and connect your constructed shield. There are many different types of energy that can be used, and many sources of energy which can be utilized. Remember to stay creative and try to come up with different techniques. See which ones work best for you and make you feel most secure. The Occult is as much an art as it is a science. Be creative in forming working hypothesis, and then employ the scientific method in testing them.

About the Author:

Shadow is our secondary leading occult author and head Reverend of the Church of the Free-Spirited Satanist.