Oct 23

Four of Wands Card

The Four of Wands is the fourth pip in the Suit of Wands. The pip in the Latin decks are symmetrical like the ones preceding it. In the Rider-Waite deck, there are two figures in front of a castle. They stand between four wands decorated in garland. People are behind the two figures cheering and carrying on. The castle, our goal, is even closer and within reach. The primary yellow color shows that this is a happy card and a card of celebration. Whatever is going on in the scenario is a reason to celebrate.

In the Upright

As the face of the card shows, there is impending celebration. The querent may also be preparing to go somewhere special or see someone special. There may be an upcoming wedding, baby shower, or a birthday party (especially a landmark one). The Four of Wands also favors homecomings, family reunions and family events in general. The Four of Wands is a card of overall joy and happiness. It is also a card of pleasant surprises. The Four of Wands seems to resemble the upper half of The Wheel of Fortune. People under this card are content, stable and prosperous. Relaxation is something that should be practiced during this time. The querent may be content and satisfied with their journey and their current life. Their decisions so far have brought them a prosperous and stable environment. The querent may have moved to a new location. They have taken their happy home and moved it someplace else. The occupants may be in the process of redecorating. The querent could have moved away from home temporarily. This is another liberation card. The querent should feel free or at least begin to feel free. This freedom extends past a physical level. This type of freedom and liberation is emotional and spiritual as well. Whatever was oppressing you has released its chains or will begin doing so in the near future. Times are looking up. The querent may have moved up in society or education. Someone may have been accepted into a prestigious club or school. Something the querent has worked hard on, like a degree or meeting standards for a membership. Friendships and relationships under the Four of Wands are positive and secure. These are the friends who support you and will be there in the long run. Relationships are firm and secured for a life partnership. There is a lot of love to go around between the two of you. The commitment is genuine and so is the love. The happy couple could be in the middle of an engagement or in the process of planning a marriage. The querent’s career under the Four of Wands is a happy one. The work environment is positive and healthy. The company they work for is in a stable financial position. They love their employees and treat them kindly. Be happy with the decisions you have made. They have gotten you this far and it’s time to celebrate.

In Reverse

The querent may have lost interest in their current project. It may be taking too long or their patience is thin. Whereas in the upright we were decorating our houses, but now they’re becoming dilapidated, run down and full of neglect. Someone could also be in the process of fixing up houses for other people. They could be a professional home decorator or construction worker. Someone could be leaving home or even more drastically, their family. The leaving could be caused by anything but still affect the family fairly negatively. The querent could be living alone and it may not be turning out so well. They could face instability and lose their roots. A parent could suffer from empty nest syndrome. Their kids could have all moved out and away. Someone could also feel out of place, like they don’t fit in. They could also be anti-social. When it comes to relationships and friendships, many things can happen. Weddings can go awry. For example, the bride could be a jerk or could have gotten stood up. The marriage could have two people who settled for one another and are not truly happy. The love of relationships in general could be burning out. The honeymoon phase is over and the glamor and glitz of relationships are long gone. The querent could feel insecure and in the pits. Friendships could have gone to the dogs and are unreliable, untrustworthy or backstabbing. Watch your friends carefully if you suspect anything. On the topic of careers and business, the querent could be dissatisfied and unhappy with their line of work. They may feel under accomplished or like they’re falling behind. Their job or business could be dysfunctional or unstable. It is not an overall happy or professional workplace. Vacations can go down the toilet and just be flat out stressful. What should have been a relaxing getaway turned into chaos and madness. It may have been more stressful than everyday life. The querent may also feel like they are trapped under the Four of Wands. The liberation is gone and so is the freedom.

The Four of Wands is a card of celebration and happiness. Live it up, enjoy the party. Come out of your shell and enjoy the company of others. Stress has no business during this time of celebration.

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