Oct 23

Five of Wands Card

The Five of Wands is the 5th pip in the Suit of Wands. The Latin decks feature a fairly symmetrical design of five batons on the face of the pip. However, in the Rider-Waite deck the face features a design that may strike an initial “What in hell?” reaction. There are five figures, all holding a baton. At first glance, it appears that they are in the middle of some sort of battle. There are no signs of injury and they all seem to play fair. Look at the men closely. Some figures are fighting while others seem to try to construct something. The batons seems to not even touch one another. Intersecting, yes but actually touching, no. They are on a fairly level playing field, but the ground is bumpy, like their situation. There could be a matter of conflicting positions are discord among a group of people. The Five of wands can easily prove to be a card of petty arguments, conflictions of ideas, poor leadership (I mean, there’s no discernable leader or supervisor in the group), or a volatile environment.

In the Upright

Your journey has been going nowhere but up since the initial invitation in the Ace of Wands. Now life seems to have been thrown in a tizzy. Things seemed to be smooth sailing until… this. If the Five of Wands is in the past position, struggles occurred in the past. In the present position, you may be facing struggles at the moment. In the future positon… hold on to your hat.
Nothing seems to go your way at the moment. It’s almost as if you’re walking against the wind and wonder why a five minute walk has been extended to a half-hour.
Even though it may seem mighty, the wind is a petty problem, just wear a windbreaker. The petty problems in your life seem like a huge obstacle but in the grand scheme of things it is pretty small. These obstacles are only temporary.
If the querent is working in a group, the group members may have a “my way or the highway” mentality. No one is trying to cooperate with anyone. The conflict of ideas can leave the group with no sort of coordination or leadership. There could also be too many people trying to dictate a situation even if there is no team. A group of loudmouths could be in the process of shouting each other down and none of them are backing off. In fact, they may have just gotten started.
This card could also represent someone who is always in negative situations. They could be drama seekers or someone who likes to stir up conflict. On the flipside, this could also be an innocent bystander who is always at the wrong place (or even the right place) at the wrong time.
The Five of Wands could also indicate that there is some sort of family argument, feud, or disagreement. These family members may enjoy starting arguments or conflict in general. Some sort of family secret may be bubbling to the surface over the conflict. What may seem like a meaningless argument or collision could have an underlying cause.
Someone could also be in a sticky situation and is trying to figure their way out. There could also be a matter of brainstorming for a difficult project. Time parameters might be small or a group project was thrown on you.
In the area of careers and business, there are many things that can go on. A job can be hard and challenging. Your job or career really exercises your brain. It doesn’t let you lag for a moment and keeps you on your toes. Although the line of work could be challenging to the mind, the querent is tough enough for it. This is especially true for someone in the line of competitive sports. Sports themselves are found under the Five of Wands. A healthy game of competitive sports always does a person good.
In the area of relationships, there could be a spice to the life. Constant battles are loved by the couple and helps them get along.

In Reverse

People are finally compromising and listening to one another. People are finally organized and cooperative. Everything is finally working smoothly once more after a dance with chaos. On the flipside, the previous conflicts just get worse.
When it comes to life’s affairs, especially legal matters try not to lose confidence in yourself. Stand your grounds and do not let anyone take advantage of you.
In the workplace, drama that was going on should be over. Parties at work should start calming down and everything goes back to normal.

Even with a card of chaos, we still have to keep our heads in order. Understand that even leaders have to let other people lead on occasion. If you seem to be stuck in conflict, assess the situation and figure out its root.

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