Jun 9

Elemental Meditation: Earth

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The earth elemental power meditation is both grounding and strengthening.

To begin this meditation, you’ll need to get yourself into a trance. For information on how to perform this task, please refer to my article, How To: Induce a Trance.

Once you’ve successfully entered your state of trance, imagine yourself stepping into warm, fresh dirt. Feel the earth beneath your feet and in between your toes. Reach down and pick some of it up. Feel the texture, warmth, and strength that the element brings forth. Immerse your consciousness into the experience completely.

Next, visualizing packing mud onto each of your chakras, starting with the root and going up to the sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, 6th, and crown chakras. When you pack the mud on the root chakra, allow it to dry into a firm layer of dirt. This will ground you. You may also visualize the root chakra turning into stone. This has the same effect of allowing the mud to dry, except lasts longer. However, if you perform this meditation regularly, the drying method will suffice.

Once this is performed, the meditation is complete.

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