Oct 9

Eight of Wands Card

The Eight of Wands is the 8th pip in the Suit of Wands. In the Latin decks, there are eight wands symmetrically placed on the face of the card. The Rider-Waite deck shows what appears to be eight wands entering stage left. If you look closely, they seem to be thrown. They’re going downhill, the obstacles off in the distance. The way for them to soar is clear. Nothing but free sailing. They are aimed in a common direction, possibly even target. This could be an indication of teamwork towards a common goal. The batons are moving at a high speed to get as far as they can with their ease of movement. Your journey is being launched at full speed ahead. However, this speed is something you can handle. Onward and upward!

In the Upright

Life is about to speed up not matter what positon it sits in the reading. It is time to get out of your seat and move through life at full speed ahead. Everything may be in a frenzy with invitations, notices and correspondence. Everyone wants you everywhere all the time.
Problems have been solved and obstacles have been removed. Go have fun. Work desks are clear and now is a great time to have some leisure. Although there is an abundance of events and opportunities, you can’t attend all of them. Be sure that obligations from other events are met to the fullest lest they become burdens.
There could also be a new and sudden burst of enthusiasm. Everything should be done when and wherever they want to be. Everything is absolutely amazing. Someone could easily get swept up in the latest craze of whatever and stay with it for the remainder of the card.
Right now, the universe is smiling on you. Whatever you want to do that allows you to become passionate and move forward has a pre-blessing by the universe. Now is the time to get real progress done and move forward with haste. Restrictions are either gone or minimal. Opportunities are bursting forth for you. However, you can’t take all of them at once, or even at any point. The opportunities that come to you have to be fulfilled to completion and all obligations have to be met. These are not things that can be left halfway done.
Now can also be the time to go off and have a great time on a trip. Relax and maybe even throw a party.
A trip by air could be on the horizon. The trip could be unexpected or extremely short.

In Reverse

When reversed, the Eight of Wands could show impending delays. As the Eight of Wands upright can be interpreted as free flowing traffic, the Eight of Wands reversed can be interpreted as gridlock. You may be the only person with enthusiasm. A bandwagon should have plenty of people but at the moment you are the only one on it. Maybe you are moving too fast for life and need to slow down. Time stands for no man and will not speed up for one either. A person may also be acting very impulsively. Someone could have also lost their enthusiasm or is even faking their enthusiasm.
Some opportunities may have been lost. The ones that were caught run the risk of being incomplete. Someone may have trusted you with a favor and you fell through. You may also have unfinished business with someone or something. There could be regret or aggravation from it.
The Eight of Wands upright showed a stress-free and carefree life. In reverse, it can show stress, tediousness, and just outright being unpleasant. Someone could have a blatantly bad attitude.
The planned high speed life in the Eight of Wands upright has now turned into chaos and panic. Everything is in a tizzy. Job or school deadlines can come up too quickly. The workload in either could also be overwhelming and even worse, overlap. For someone who owns a business, their workers could be out on strike or planning one.
Time to breathe can seem like time wasted. Everything is moving in a haste. However, you are still stuck trying to gain stamina. A slow pace can put a person into denial or even make them feel lost not only in regards to their mission but their life.
Something may also be out of control. A project could have gotten too big, and job or school requirements may be more than what was explained or expected.
Relationships and friendships could be in trouble. There may have been a blow-out argument between two people. Whether it is reparable is up to the two or more parties involved. Watch out for jealous people trying to destroy a beautiful friendship or relationship. There could also be a party who is spreading gossip and malicious rumors about you to others. As always, avoid toxic people and toxic situations. Keep away from any melodrama that could throw you from your course.

Although with the Eight of Wands life is flying through the air, do not throw caution to the wind. With life moving at such a high speed, it can be extremely easy to make incorrect or bad decisions. It is very imperative that amidst the high speed and coordinated chaos, you think things through and tread carefully.

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