Oct 10

Cleansing, Purification, and Discarding Energy

The three acts of cleansing, purification and discarding energy are all very useful tools for the aspiring Magician to utilize. These rites are all gauged towards getting rid of negative and stagnant energy from an Aura, and then properly disposing of said energy. These practices are practically an essential in preparation in many acts of Magic. They prepare the Auras of all participants and tools that will be a part of any ritual or energy working. When there is unwanted energy imprinted upon your tools or yourself, those imprints can throw off the course of your working. They can either bring about unwanted results, or cause the energy you send out to enter a state of entropy and not create any results at all.

Cleansing is used to clear out the Auras of living organisms, such as the Magician’s or any other participant of a ritual or energy manipulation. This helps balance out the Aura and clear out the mind. It can be used before a working or as the working itself in the pursuit of clearing out stagnant energy. This is energy that is built up in your Aura, but not doing you any good. It often results in blockages, which prevents energy from flowing through you they way it’s supposed to naturally. To have a successful cleansing one should have a decent handle on how to manipulate energy.

One of the best ways to perform a cleansing is to select an energy source infused with the properties of water. Once you select a source, draw the energy out as if it was a liquid and see it flowing through you. See it as having an entrance and an exit point on your Aura, at opposite sides. As it flows through you, also see it clinging to and dissolving the negative energy that doesn’t belong there. As this is going on, the negative energy becomes less and less attached to you, and easier to move. See all this negative energy moving with the flow of the pure energy, being completely carried out. As you begin to feel you’ve cleared it all out as best you can, break your connecting to the source you’re using, and allow the excess to leave as a trickle.

Purification is a method of clearing out the Aura of a tool you wish to use for a ritual or energy working. With a purification it is not just about clearing out the negative energy. It’s about completely clearing out any and all energetic imprints, leaving the Aura of the object in a completely blank state. The best way to go about it is taking in energy from some source of fire. The sun or even a candle can be used for this purpose. See the energy as a white fire and completely saturate the Aura of the object with this fire. See its fire aspect as burning up all imprints, and see its white aspect as pushing out all of the energetic ash. If you have a candle and the object is fireproof, feel free to even wave the object within the fire to get more energy into the act.

It should be noted that the herb sage can be a great tool when either cleansing or purifying any Aura. Sage has a special property that helps dissipate and clear out negative imprints. Simply create an ember at the end of the bundle and cause the smoke to cover whatever it is you’re cleansing. Be sure to not simply rely on the herb to do all the work. As the smoke covers the area of the Aura, will its cleansing properties to release from the smoke and actually function. Once released, guide the energy in its function, dissipating and pushing out unwanted energies.

The final part to any of these practices is optional, yet it is also recommended. Once you’ve gotten the unwanted energy out of the Aura you wish it cleared from, it may not be a good idea to let that energy just stay around. Even though it’s most likely not as potent as it was before being dissolved and dissipated, but there’s still the chance that some can leak back into whatever it was cleared from. That, or just muck up the energy of the area it was distracted in.

The Earth is excellent at recycling energy. One must but look at the ecosystem to understand this. That being said, sending this negativity deep within the Earth with the intent for the Earth to recycle said energy is the best way of discarding energy you no longer need around you. This process is much like grounding exercises. To utilize the Earth, reach to the core and pull up a purifying tunnel from it to your immediate area. Force all the unwanted energy into this tunnel, and see it sucked deep into the ground. Then make the tunnel retreat back down. Now the energy is safely contained as the Earth transmutes it into something new. Thus, you’re safe and the energy, instead of being wasted, will be recycled.

About the Author:

Shadow is our secondary leading occult author and head Reverend of the Church of the Free-Spirited Satanist.