Jan 29

Mercury in Astrology

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun, and is we can often observe it with a naked eye before sunrise or after sunset. It is named after the Roman god of communication, the messenger of gods, who is the equivalent to the Greek Hermes. Astrologically, the planet is ruling intellect and information, thus being […]

Nov 24

Natal Mercury in the 12th House

Being born with natal Mercury in the 12th house can be a tricky placement, yet it can offer extraordinary abilities connected with the metaphysical. In addition, the person who has Mercury placed here can get involved in healing people who are experiencing problems in speech and expression. As the 12th house is a gate to […]

Nov 2

Natal Mercury in the 10th House

Having natal Mercury in the 10th house creates the multitasker, and is a brilliant placement for the native’s career. Such people can focus and schedule their movements very thoroughly, while can quite easily transfer their knowledge through speech and writing to others. Due to the fact that the 10th house is ruled by Capricorn and […]

Sep 22

Natal Mercury in the 4th House

The presence of Mercury in the 4th house makes the native’s mind focus on his home and his family. This placement creates a person who is very interested in researching the traditions; both of his family and of his nation, religion and culture. His childhood years are based on communication, while also usually gives working […]

Sep 18

Mercury Retrograde Survival Tips

Mercury retrograde, such a fear inducing sentence! People start complaining and hide in their home; blame the planet of intellect for any bad luck and are having hysterical reactions. The truth is that you should not stop your life during this ongoing transit; nevertheless it is good to keep an eye on some areas of […]

Sep 17

Mercury Retrograde

We can many times hear the cliché phrase “Mercury turned retrograde” and see people blaming their bad luck on the planet, while also showing signs of fear; without them usually knowing at all what this phrase means. So, what exactly happens during these days, and all the people go mad about it? Mercury, as we […]

Sep 12

Natal Mercury in the 3rd House

When Mercury is located in the third house of a natal chart, it feels at home. The third house is traditionally connected to Gemini and their ruler planet Mercury, and thus strongly associated with the intellect. This placement is extremely beneficial to have, and as you can guess it has a very positive effect on […]