Jun 8

Introduction to Meditation

Meditation is the excellent coping skill and is an excellent addition to any spiritual practice. Furthermore, when practicing magick, it is necessary to get into a meditative trance, if even a light one. Beginners may find meditation difficult for the following reasons: difficulty clearing the mind, difficulty sitting still, and difficulty ignoring internal and external […]

Aug 19

Introduction to Real-Life Vampirism

There is a lot of stigma attached to the word ‘vampire,’ much of which comes from improper coverage in movies and TV shows such as Dracula, Twilight, or the Vampire Diaries. This has ruined the social status of the true vampire. In fact, most individuals are unaware what vampirism really is or how it’s conducted. […]

Aug 4

Introduction to the Tarot

While Tarot cards are now primarily used in both magickal practices and divination, they were originally used as playing cards. While the evidence points to creation sometime during the medieval ages, the images and themes the cards represent are significantly older. At the Bibliothèque Nationale de France in Paris, they have seventeen ornate cards, sixteen of […]

Aug 4

Introduction to Divination

In this new article series, I will be detailing as much information as I can about divinitive practices through the Tarot, using playing cards, using the I Ching, casting Viking Runes, divination through crystals, as well as tea leaf divination. I will also cover to the best of my ability the systems of numerology, pendulum […]