Dec 26

The Seven Lords and Their Plants

This article is meant to serve as a reference for the seven lords, their days, and the plants they rule. So, without further ado the seven lords and their plants.

The Sun

The Sun rules Sunday. Its plants are as follows: Rosemary, Chamomile, Cinnamon, Clove, Eyebright, Ginger, St. John’s Wort, Acacia tree seeds and resin, Angelica, Archangel, Arctic Poppy, Ash, Birch, Bistort, Black Water Lily, and all kinds of Marigold.

The Moon

The Moon rules Monday. Its plants are as follows: Fresh cleavers, the bark of willow, berries of the chaste tree, opium poppy, periwinkle, watercress, agave, coral bells, cucumber, dog rose, peace lily, madonna lily, mallow, rose milkweed, heartleaf, starwort, stonecrop, and chamomile.


Mercury rules Wednesday. Its plants are a follows: skullcap, caraway, marjoram, oregano, wormwood, digitalis, mandrake, valerian, parsley, Jacob’s Latter, butterbur, bottle brush, California poppy seeds, narcissus, orchids, garlic mustard, fennel, fern, gazel, harebells, and vervain.


Venus rules Friday. Its plants are as follows: Motherwort, lady’s mantle (alchemilla; in Latin, this means ‘little alchemist’), yarrow, vervain, meadowsweet, almond, angel’s trumpets, apple, bergamot mint, birch, bishop’s weed, passionflower seed, post oak step, ragwort, and primrose.


Mars rules Tuesday. Its plants are as follows: young leaves of flowers and flowers themselves, berries of the hawthorn, dried out root of stinging nettle, sasparilla, vomic nut, basil, acacia resin, ashwagandha, kola nut, gobo root, ginger, aloe, butterbur, radish, prickly poppy, broomrape, cowhage, and devil’s claw root.


Jupiter rules Thursday. Its plants are as follows: Lemon balm, arnica, borage, sale, ginseng, comfrey, echinacea, agrimony, anise, ash, barberry root, hydrangea, kurrajong, bitter aloe leaf, bull bay, carrot root, milk thistle, mint, nutmeg, and oak tree.


Saturn rules Saturday. Its plants are as follows: Horsetail, equisetum, comfrey, heartsease, red root, bearberry (uva ursi). Be careful with planets ruled by the planet Saturn, as Saturn rules a lot of poisonous plants.

About the Author:

Kenneth is a philosopher as well as the founder of Free-Spirited Mind. He specializes in modernized spellcraft and other forms of occultism, and bears no responsibility based upon what is done with the methodologies depicted in his articles.


  1. Susan

    Can you please tell me what plants might be associated with Persephone

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  2. Susan

    In the myth of Persephone, Kore merged with Persephone the Queen of the Underworld and then ascends through the earth as a new plant. Do you know which plant this might be?

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  3. Susan


    I’ve found a plant which is associated with Persephone. It is “garden-mint”!

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  4. Susan


    I’ve found another. Opium poppy!

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