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Psychic Vampirism: Feeding Techniques

As I mentioned previously in my article Introduction to Real-Life Vampirism, psychic vampires need to feed off the energies of others. It’s simply their nature. This article is meant to provide two feeding techniques that a few of my vampire friends use.

The first one is called tendril feeding. This is to drain energy out of a specific individual. To perform this technique, you’ll need to manipulate your aura. Have it extend into four tendrils which shall energe from your back. Extend them to penetrate the victim’s aura, forcing one of the tendrils directly into the target/victim’s third eye. Once you’ve gotten a solid hold on the target, visualize and will the energy go be transferred to yourself. See the energy coming through the tendrils. Feel it absorb into your light being and rejuvenate your soul. Continue feedingg until their aura is dimmed down to a pale clear or pale gray color.

The other technique I like to call rage absorption. This is a more typical method of feeding, especially in those who are not fully awakened vampires. In this method, the vampire gets someone or, ideally, a group of people in an extreme state of rage by antagonizing them or manipulating scenarios to cause as much anger, rage, and heartbreak as possible. Simply being in the general vicinity of where these emotions are, the vampire can absorb their emotions through the breath and can use these energies to either supplement themselves or to save it for use in magickal workings. These strong emotions also help the vampire to empower both their chakras and their light being.

Remember not to feed too much off a specific individual so they don’t become a pseudo-vampire (vampires that have been ‘turned’ by being bed off too much and must begin feeding upon others as a normal vampire would). This can and will create many problems for all parties involved. Change your targets frequently in order to avoid this issue;

Again, as I stated in the Introduction to Real-Life Vampirism, I do not recommend getting into this form of gaining energy. Check out my article on raising energy for healthier methods of gaining the  energy you desire and/or require. However, if you’re currently practicing vampirism or are planning to get into it, happy feeding, and be safe and responsible with your feeding habits! Again, do not abuse this system! Karma will take its toll on you in a manner fit based upon the severity of the wrongdoing.

About the Author:

Kenneth is a philosopher as well as the founder of Free-Spirited Mind. He specializes in modernized spellcraft and other forms of occultism, and bears no responsibility based upon what is done with the methodologies depicted in his articles.


  1. nameel shakur

    let be honest kenneth are u the antichrists

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    • Kenneth


      We do not believe in such a person. There is no one person destined to do anything. Just like with Astrology or Divination, you can see the cards you’re dealt (get it?), but it’s up to you to define your own destiny.

      Thanks for the comment!

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  2. Nemesis Fixx

    An interesting method of psychic vampirism that I once tried (I was researching vampirism actively about a year ago – emphasis being on harvesting energy), was very similar to your “tendril feeding” (and I didn’t know about that technique actually), but went something like:

    Seat somewhere as close to the victim as possible (I liked to try this when commuting with public transport), and closing your eyes, visualize a tendril (yes, that’s what I naturally used as well), extending from your root chakra (at the base of your spine), to the root-chakra of the victim. Then, proceed to visualize, and (importantly) feel energy being drawn from your victim, into your own body via your root chakra.

    The advantage of using the root chakra is that the feeding is almost palpable – as in, you can often feel that energy is drawing into you, and this is further enhanced, where you couple this with the fact that the root chakra is close to the sexual energy centers. Actually, in a variation of this technique, especially when my targets were female, I would additionally visualize the tendril as feeding directly off of their sexual energy – consider how effective this method of feeding is, when seated next to a female wearing a mini-skirt (u get the idea I hope). This last form of feeding has been my favorite, and only serious means of exercising vampirism, and for me, it borders a lot on harvesting sexual energy (which indeed, is one of the most creative forms of energy).

    And yes, I too find feeding off literal fluids a bit too risky – but, outside of blood, another, more interesting form of “sanguine” feeding, is inducing, and then consuming the sexual fluids of the donor/victim. This latter form is very popular with those already practicing modern forms of tantra and sex magick, though it too doesn’t eliminate the said pathological threats.

    Thanks for sharing this.

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