Sep 28

Anatomy of a Spell

The most popular form of magick is that of spellcasting. Now that I’ve demonstrated how to raise and manipulate energy in the previous articles that have been linked, it’s time to go further into detail and explain the anatomy of a spell.

There are four parts to a successful spell and can come in many forms which I will provide examples of.

The first critical part of a spell is the intent. For beginners, it is highly advised that you stick to white magick until you’re advanced in knowledge and practice alike. This means only having positive intents in your spellcasting. You’ll need to do some soul searching to refine your intent. If you want to, for example, create a financial gain to buy a new car, your intent would be refined as ‘I want to attract the necessities I will need in order to purchase a car.’ Be specific and very clear in your intent.

The second part is willpower. Essentially, this is your will to have it changed. Your desire. Visualize yourself having that new car. Feel the excitement as you drive it out of the dealership parking lot. Smell the new car smell. Feel the handling of the car as you drive down the road. Make yourself forget that you don’t even have the car, because your will to have it is so strong.

The third part is an altered consciousness. This means a meditative state of some sort, if even light. For more major workings, it is recommended to fully immerse yourself into a state of trance and perform your magick then. I read a book once which explained how to make what he calls an ‘instant magick trigger’. To create this, engulf yourself into a full trance, and make some kind of a hand sign; I put my thumbs in my fists. Say aloud ‘This hand sign is programmed to be my magickal trigger. Anytime I use this handsign with either or both hands, I enter a light meditative state and can fully unlock my magickal abilities. For the good of all, harming none, so mote it be/amen/ave satanas (whatever you prefer)’. Obviously if you get into black magick you’ll need to reprogram your trigger.

The final portion of the composition of a spell is the transfer of energy. Since you’ve already read my article on manipulating energy for magickal workings (…right?) you’ll be able to directly raise, sense, and direct energy. However, if you have a difficult time sensing energy, you’ll be able to use a few paradigms which I’ll explain in the near future in order to bring forth and direct this energy. This part of a spell is where the affirmations come in. When you’re casting your spell, you want to explain your intent in affirmations. For example, “There is a parking spot waiting for me at the front of Wal-Mart.”

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Kenneth is a philosopher as well as the founder of Free-Spirited Mind. He specializes in modernized spellcraft and other forms of occultism, and bears no responsibility based upon what is done with the methodologies depicted in his articles.
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