Aug 29

Advanced Sigil Magick

In my previous article on How To: Perform Sigil Magick, I described the basic technique of utilizing the art of sigilization in order to bring the will into the physical realm, but there has to be a simpler method of sigilization that produces the same results, right?

To begin, unlike taking the willed statement and crossing out letters, envision a sigil or any combination of letters, numbers, or shapes. Decide that this represents your willed statement, and do not question it. Focus energy into this representation. Now, it’s time to fully charge this sigil or representation.

You may choose to use orgasmic energy in order to fully charge it, however, this is not necessary. Again, you can choose to do whatever you please in order to complete the charging aspect; this could be a dance, a motion with the hands, or anything else you please – decide that this will charge the sigilization or representation, and it will. This is where the concept of rain-dances and such come into play. Once the mind has decided that a specific action will cause the will to manifest in the physical realm, it will.

Remember, the mind is the most powerful tool – if you learn how to properly utilize it.

Good luck on your magickal ventures and feel free to leave a comment with any questions, or to post your results using this method for others to see!

About the Author:

Kenneth is a philosopher as well as the founder of Free-Spirited Mind. He specializes in modernized spellcraft and other forms of occultism, and bears no responsibility based upon what is done with the methodologies depicted in his articles.
  • Nemesis Fixx

    Kenneth, I admire your daemon.

    What you’ve done here, is basically offer the general method of (post?) chaos magick – not even in Peter’s literature have I seen such a clear expression of our core principle as in how you’ve expressed it here. Mage to mage, you are illuminated. Thanks for sharing the light. Pass it.

    I rarely collect or comment on blogs inside of my diary, but this warrants an entry.

    ** Core Ideas ** sigilization is a framework, not a single technique – chaos magick consists in creating new beliefs about the methods of manifesting will, and then accepting the models generated as absolutes, when building and executing new rituals – even without proof of their efficacy (which makes chaos magicians the most advanced believers – or the most practical of dreamers). What separates this method from mere superstition, is the fact that the chaos magician can objectify their application of faith (and perhaps even faith), using proof of results as a measure of a belief’s utility – which then makes them (occult) scientists.

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