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Ace of Wands Card

The Ace of Wands is the first pip in the Suit of Wands. In the Cary Sheet, a lance is in the center of the card. It has the center object placement of French Suits. The center object is merely a lance. In the Rider-Waite deck, there is a celestial-like hand holding a wooden club. The thumb on the club is in a position where it can face up in the upright and down in reverse. This card is reminiscent of The Fool. It is a card of new adventure and self growth. As the section of the deck changes, the journey begins again.

In the Upright 

The Ace of Wands is a card that screams for you to move forward. The card shimmers with positivity. On the face of the card, there is nothing to hold you back. Just move forward and walk to your goal. Be mindful that this card only tells you to move forward but won’t move you forward. The actual journey is the job of the querent. The card can also foretell travel or adventure. The journey will be fun and relaxing. While the Ace of Wands is upright, negativity is not welcome.
The Ace of Wands can also deliever a sense of freedom. The card is outside, no obstacles, just wide open space for growth. During this time of your life, nothing is holding you back or down. Possibilities at the moment are endless. This is also a good time to break away from tired routines and get away from the mundaneness of life. Give your talents a whirl and see where you end up.
Positivity is spread all around with this card. Life takes an upswing when your life is enhanced by the changes made under the Ace of Wands. Positive actions will have positive results. The outcome of positive goals will also be positive. Anything negative will not triumph.
Enjoy the opportunity all around. Have fun with life and do not treat it like a chore. When life seems to become a chore, shake things up. Bring some excitement in and have an adventure with it. Never stay still or stagnant. Keep moving.
Relationships are also on an upswing. The Ace of Wands could very well indicate that a relationship is growing deeper. Friendships are also strengthening. This is the time for forming lifelong friendships and serious partnerships. The phallic nature of the club would make sense to signify fertility and increased sex drives. A couple may be planning for a baby or a baby is close to being born.
The Ace of Wands is also a green light for business ventures. Trading stocks may work in your favor. A new career may be on the horizon. A good job may be on the way. The querents financial status may be improving.
Be creative. Share your creative talents and use them to propel you as far forward as they will take you. Have no hesitation, shyness, or passiveness about this. Be assertive and never back down from anyone or anything. Stay motivated while you launch yourself. Nourish the can-do spirit that comes with the Ace of Wands.

In Reverse 

When the Ace of Wands is in reverse, stop the presses. Sit down and review your actions. Being overly ambitious and prideful can be a downfall here. If an idea is not working, set it to the side and put energy into something that will potentially work. This card can also signify disappointment on the newfound journey. It can also mean that the new journey has not begun and is past due. A person who takes too long to start their journey could have missed the opportunity or is afraid of the massive changes it will bring. The querent could be completely unaware that they need to make changes. Constant self-reflection and turning inward every now and again can help a person stay abreast on not only their lives but themselves.
Instead of energy, the querent may feel tired and run down. This can happen from overworking yourself, the stresses of life, or just overall disappointment. You could also feel anxious and afraid of a new beginning or taking risks. A person could also just be lazy and not want to put efforts into making changes. Also, instead of being assertive, they may be very passive and shy.
In relationships, things could grind to a halt. Friendships and partnerships may have plateaued. Partnerships could be suffering “burnout”. The cute romance could be gone and the honeymoon phase is over. Instead of deep relationships, there is a lot of one night stands happening. Friendships could be suffering from lack of communication or interacting. There may be backstabbing or friends turning into enemies.
If the Ace of Wands is in reverse in terms of jobs… work could just stink. You might feel like you’re in a rut and cannot move forward. The querent may have gotten lazy with their work performance or ethic. Business deals may have gone sour or have fallen through completely. If a business is owned, Ace of Wands may indicate that business is slow or bad.

Under the Ace of Wands, move forward and do not look back. When going on this new journey, pack the things you need to grow and have fun. Love the positive people who love you and continue life with them. Take time to look inward and evaluate yourself. Always know where you stand and never continue your journey with an unlit torch.

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