Mar 11

Natal Mars Retrograde

Mars, the red masculine planet, is in retrograde motion for approximately 2 and a half months every two years. This means that approximately 10% of the population is having the planet retrograde in their natal chart. A retrograde natal planet is signifying that its energies are turned inwards, at least for the beginning of the […]

Jan 24

Mars in Astrology

Mars, the red planet, is the next in orbit around the Sun after our Earth. His is named after the Roman god of war, equivalent to the Greek Ares. Astrologically, he is ruling action and drive, thus being a vital force for all our progress. Indeed, his placements and influences can give extra energy to […]

Dec 8

Natal Mars in the 12th House

Natal Mars in the 12th house can be a rather disturbing or even dangerous placement, as its presence here indicates difficulties of expressing one’s anger and aggressive emotions. This can have as a result violent explosions when the oppressed energy reaches a critical level, and people with such an aspect must definitely learn techniques of […]

Oct 20

Natal Mars in the 8th House

Natal Mars in the 8th house is one of the most potent placements for the fiery planet. Mars is the co-ruler (or old ruler) of Scorpio, before planet Pluto was discovered, and still holds a lot of power over the house’s matters. Being domicile, he will boost sexuality; nevertheless the aggressive nature of the planet […]

Oct 16

Natal Mars in the 7th House

Having natal Mars in the 7th house can be a rather difficult placement for marital affairs. As the house is traditionally ruled by Libra and Venus, the powerful red planet can bring disturbances if located here; nevertheless there are a lot of other factors to be observed before reaching such conclusions. Mars might be considered […]

Sep 11

Natal Mars in the 3rd House

Having the impulsive planet Mars in the third house has a strong impact on the native’s mind and ways of communication. Such people have very active minds that can even become aggressive. They like to argue and debate and receive pleasure in verbally defeating other people. When someone has Mars in the third house, his […]